Ubaldo to start Sunday, regardless of circumstances

Earlier in the week, speculation from Fox Sports’s Ken Rosenthal was that Ubaldo Jimenez would not start on Sunday in the regular season finale should the Indians clinch a playoff berth today. The idea being that the Indians would take their chances in a worst-case scenario with Ubaldo on the road and use a bullpen committee approach on Sunday. That does not appear to be the case anymore, however.

As Jordan Bastian reports above, Ubaldo Jimenez would likely start tomorrow, regardless of what transpires today. That would mean that Danny Salazar would likely be in line for the team’s next potential game, whether that be on Monday as part of a tiebreaker scenario or Wednesday for the AL Wild Card game.

Jimenez has been the team’s best pitcher by far in the second half, posting a season mark of 12-9 in 31 starts with a 3.38 ERA to go with 79 walks, 181 strikeouts, and 158 hits in 176 innings pitched.

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  • Steve

    Love this move. Treat the WC game like it’s game 7. Salazar to start, and be willing to use Masterson and Kazmir

  • Bourn, Michael Bourn

    I would much rather have Salazar start on 3 days rest and save Ubaldo for the WC game. Worst case scenario, we lose tomorrow and go into a 3 way tie, assuming TB and Texas win. At this point, the tribe should be gearing up for that WC game, and Ubaldo is clearly our best option.

    I wouldn’t rule out Masterson for the WC game. He’ll have four days rest and I’d be much more confident having him out there, rather than a rookie in a game this important.

  • Steve

    They’ve been incredibly careful with Salazar, and having him go on three days rest would be the complete opposite of their approach. They’ve also been pretty clear that they are going to limit Masterson’s innings for the moment.

    And I’d much rather just pitch Jimenez than have to worry about messing around with tiebreaker games. Maybe if the offense gets going early, you can lift Jimenez early and have him go on three days rest.

  • mgbode

    this makes sense especially now. we win tomorrow and we are in the WC game. let Texas & Tampa tie and have to play an extra game 🙂