Reign On Spotlight Player of the Week: Josh Gordon

As a local market representative and league manager of one of 16 teams invited to be a part of Crown Royal’s inaugural Fantasy Football League dubbed “First and Crown,” I will be using this spot every Sunday before the Browns kick off against their respective opponent to tell you who I’ll be watching during this Week’s contest.

GordonThis week’s spotlight shines on: Josh Gordon, WR

Lost in all of the turmoil surrounding Brian Hoyer leaping over Jason Campbell on the depth chart and Joe Banner shipping away last season’s third-overall draft choice is the fact the player who very may well be the most talented offense weapon will take to the field for the first time this season. With his two-game, codeine-fueled suspension firmly in the rear view mirror, all reports have Gordon as a man looking to make his mark. He knows he is one strike away from losing his job and appears ready to marry this focus with his never-ending supply of flash.

If Hoyer—starting in just his second career game—is to have any sort of success as a down-field passer, it will be on Gordon to not only create the separation which we’ve seen him do in effortless fashion, but reign in any passes thrown in his general direction. It’s unknown just hoe much work the quarterback and the receiver have had to this point, but we know it isn’t many. In a league where quarterback-receiver chemistry is an integral ingredient to offensive success, it will be on Gordon to make up for any of Hoyer’s shortcomings.

Greg Little will not be starting and Davone Bess will continue to exploit his strengths as a underneath route-running receiver. Given that Gordon is similarly sized to former Norv Turner pass-catcher Vincent Jackson, it would not be far-fetched to see the Browns’ new No. 12 deep down the field early and often. What Gordon does to capitalize on the fact that he’s the team’s new No. 1 option could mean the difference between an 0-3 start and the Browns shocking the world come 4 p.m.

Image via Candice Vlcek/WFNY

  • MrCleaveland

    ESPN reported this morning that the Browns are shopping both Gordon and Little. Banner is just waiting for the offers to improve. As soon Banner gets an offer he can live with, either or both is outta here.

  • So he’s on other teams’ “Spotlights” too? Sigh.