Oladipo: “I really didn’t want to go to Cleveland”

Victor Oladipo, Bill Simmons’ top choice in the 2013 NBA Draft, apparently wasn’t one for calling Cleveland home. In a quote that was pulled from a Orlando Magic ticket-holder event, the rookie shooting guard who was one of several players potentially slotted for the No. 1 overall pick owned by the Cavaliers, said that he “really didn’t want to go to Cleveland.”

The quote was then tweeted out by the Orlando Magic’s official Twitter account and instantly drew the ire of Cleveland fans. Oladipo wasted no time issuing an apology to Cleveland fans who took his statement as a moment of disrespect.

While the statement obviously reflects on Cleveland, a city that has had it’s fair share of players speaking poorly of it’s economy, weather and/or lack of nightlife, it is easy to see how a rookie player would want to endear himself to the team that did make the investment in him on draft day. David Steele, the Magic’s television play-by-play announcer, referred to Oladipo’s comment as “harmless banter.”

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  • Kind of a douchey play by the Magic on two counts. Cheap shot at Cleveland and puts their top draft pick in a no-win situation.

  • Jared Mueller

    Or simply and understandably he didn’t want to play behind Kyrie and Dion. Most SFs prob don’t want to be drafted high to play behind Lebron. Similar to Asik not wanting to stay in Houston behind D12

  • Jeff Rich

    I’m hyper-sensitive, and overreact to just about everything. Yet, I’m officially filing this under “no big deal”. Positively no hard feelings here toward Oladipo, however poor a move it was by Magic PR to take their own player out of context and release that quip into the wild of Twitter.

  • Harv 21

    Hah, which high draft choices did want to come here? Doubt Kyrie or Bennett or even LeBron did anything but hold their nose and force a smile when picked. The only former players living here who come to mind are Austin and Chones and Campy; all have been employed by the Cavs.

    Let’s put it another way: these guys know nothing about Cleveland other than the podunk rep and that there hasn’t been a decent team that didn’t depend upon LeBron in about 20 years. All the cool young people I know have moved to Chicago or Austin, or intend to. Why should these guys be different.

  • The_Real_Shamrock


  • RickHens

    @Harv 21: Larry Nance also lives in NE Ohio and I know Bingo Smith lived in the Akron area for many years.

  • Harv 21

    You’re right, thx. and Nance never worked for the Cavs. Still, a ton of Cavs players have come through in 40 years and very few stick around, especially compared to former Browns.

  • DMohio

    I honestly don’t care about the comment, but I’m confused by the “I didn’t mean it the way you all took it” line. How should we have taken it?

  • maxfnmloans

    Jim Chones too. I went to school with his kids

  • woofersus

    Probably he was trying to say he felt like the best situation for him is the one he is in. (whether he really thinks that or not) Players almost always say they are glad about who drafted them and they didn’t want to go to some other place. I doubt he even considered that his comments would be plastered all over the internet and the entire city of Cleveland would take as a big “$&%# you.” He was just buttering up his current fans.

  • Harv 21

    yeah, I mentioned chones initially.

  • ragarcia

    Some that come to mind:

    Ron Harper
    Big Z
    Charles Oakley

  • saggy

    bush league PR move for the reasons you stated. just not smart.

  • Henry Brown

    Maybe his ego was a bit hurt? Not a lot, but all these guys want to be number 1.

  • Vermin_Cain

    Everybody shits on Cleveland…What do you expect when your city is a dump???

  • buno


    out of all the cities they could mention. Cleveland made it in the honorable mention list? Have you ever been to Cleveland, how do you know it s a dumb? You sound very ignorant!

  • buno

    I think as a professional athlete, you should never talk crap about a city or a team. You are potentially alienating yourself from a potential position in the future. There are only 30teams, dont limit your chances. Ignorant part by both parties here: PR and Olad

  • Vermin_Cain

    I have been to Cleveland…And yes, the place is toxic dump.