NFL Rumors: Browns fielding offers for Gordon, Little

The craziness continues!  Less than a week after the Browns shocked the football world by trading starting running back (and last year’s 3rd overall pick) Trent Richardson to the Indianapolis Colts, ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting that the Browns might not be done with trades.

That wide receivers Josh Gordon and Greg Little are both being shopped is of little surprise as both players have had their issues off the field. Little hasn’t played particularly well these first two weeks and was demoted this week. Josh Gordon will see his first action of the season this afternoon after missing the Browns’ first two games due to a drug suspension. Adam Caplan confirmed that Gordon is on the block:

What I find really surprising is the Browns’ interest in Ben Tate. Schefter’s link in the second tweet explains:

Should Cleveland land Tate, it would have him and Indy’s first-rd draft pick in place of Richardson.

Schefter doesn’t explain what kind of package the Browns would give up for Tate (who ran for 942 yards on 5.4 yards per carry in 2011 and 279 yards on 4.3 ypc in 2012), but they wouldn’t lose the Colts’ pick in the process. Tate in behind probowler Arian Foster on the Texans roster.

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  • Sam

    The original report on ESPN said the Browns would wait until the offseason to target Tate because he will be a free agent. If someone would offer a 2nd round pick for Gordon, I would definitely pull the trigger. I’m not really sure anyone in their right mind would offer any sort of draft pick for Little, though.

  • FearTheRoo

    Good luck to next year’s QB. Hopefully he/she is able to play all 11 positions on offense….

    Not sure why any of us fans should even bother watching this team anymore.

  • Wow

    They should have done this in the offseason and not promised their fans an improved team, especially on offense.

  • da -Z-

    Ive been in europe these last two weeks and have not been able to check the browns regularly. WHAT THE HELL is going on!! I guess I understand the moves but it freaking BLOWS that we already tanking the season this early into the season. Don’t we have an offseason to do all this crap we are doing???

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Jay Glazer just reported that there isn’t a fire sale going on but of course the football team will listen to any offer.

    I also heard Glazer say that there were other teams who would have been interested in Richardson had they known he was available. Reportedly at least one other team desperate for a RB would have given up more for Richardson then did the Colts. I take this with a grain of salt however this backs up my assertion and the assertion of others that it was indeed the Banner led football team who sought to get rid of Richardson and they did it without getting THE BEST POSSIBLE OFFER period. This is the kind of “game playing” that we’ve seen the last 14 years and why this organization is one of the worst in the NFL. Have a nice day!

  • Aj Heller

    I’ve said right along…you get paid millions of dollars and you can’t stay out of trouble…NO PROBLEMS letting you go! Go spend your millions on lawyers, your dope and all your other woe’s. Chances are you will be broke in a few short years.

  • Kenny_Chill

    I would feel bad about this if Lombardi’s draft picks and free agent signings with the Raiders hadn’t worked out. But, I remember how glorious the Randy Moss era was, how wonderful Jamarcus Russell turned out, and what a great coach Lane Kiffen turned out to be. I mean, if one guy had the greatest comeback ever with the Patriots, the other turned into a 300 pound blimp while making millions, and the third struggled with beating Utah State while coaching USC, I’d be worried.

  • Harv 21

    Being just one more positive drug test from a full year suspension and with no indication of recent maturation, Gordon’s trade value is probably a mid-round draft pick or someone’s fourth receiver.

    Unless this is the moment the regime has chosen to make a statement against immaturity and sloth, they’d be better off keeping him. But I’m thinking they’re itching to make statements.

  • Alex Ralston

    This is a plan for the future that I would have fully supported 4 months ago, not after two weeks and after I bought tickets to games.

  • gct

    I like how so many of you have spent years calling Greg Little a bum, but now it’s such a giant FO mistake and fan betrayal to be shopping him.


  • Roosevelt

    Right now the only joy I can possibly get from the Browns would be if they got a rating of 0 in Cleveland for their away games, and were blacked out for all their home games. It would be nice to see that at least the fans have some dignity. WFNY should stop covering the Browns, and should only post about fan revolt.

  • saggy

    i think 33 of my last 35 posts were about the same thing. you know….

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    …what 33 posts? 😉


  • The_Real_Shamrock

    LoL with Jacksonville and Cleveland as possibilities you may have the right idea.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I said before I’d love a blackout but hey 4 pm ET Trent Richardson debuts for Indy. Put on the Indians they play right now.

  • Steve

    That would be nice for the fans, but what incentive is there for the team to do nice things for the fans?

  • BrownieBob

    I hate to be right almost all the time….
    Gordon will be gone as someone will overpay for him…He has real potential to be a monster…but as we all know….he is very close to being suspended for a year…..please lets make a good deal before he is…
    Little….2 six packs and tickets to an Indians playoff game should get him off our roster….
    Doesn’t everyone feel warm and fuzzy that Lombardi is helping get ready for next years draft……
    We are only a couple decent defensive backs from being an absolute monster of a team on defense…..We don’t need all pros just a couple who are better than average or even average at best…….so…..Gordon and a mid rd pick for a decent def back right now??…..then all the future can focus on offense….
    The more I keep thinking about what’s going on I really like it…….get rid of problems and mediocrity……
    Being 2nd in the draft may be better than first……esp if Jax wants a QB….can you imagine what we can get for a trade to take Jadeveon ( I am never in shape and will be a problem in the pros ) Clowney…..
    Two words again…..Johnny Manziel……..10 yrs from now it will be clearly eveident he was by far the best of this QB class….

  • NeedsFoodBadly

    You want to get rid of problems, but you want to sign Johnny Football?

  • saggy


  • Kenny_Chill

    You lost me at Manziel. He’s a lot of hype and not an NFL QB.

  • RCrive7739

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    I said before I’d love a blackout but hey 4 pm ET Trent Richardson debuts for Indy. Put on the Indians they play right now.

  • ohiomike

    Im hopeing someone can help me here…since were talking browns. Mccoy was/is still the highest scoreing NCAA QB in history, came to cleveland and we know the rest? Weedon, oldest QB in NCAA history ever drafted into the NFL? What? What? WTF? Whats wrong with the browns?

  • Wow

    well said Steve

  • Exactly! I was lambasted for saying they didn’t get enough…and now…someone says they would have offered more. Think about it, the Patriots, Giants, Jets, Cardinals, Broncos, and Chargers could all use a running back in some way shape or form. You’re telling me you couldn’t start up a bidding war between that many teams? Isn’t that one of the basics in the GM handbook?

  • I’d love some of whatever you’re smoking.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    This speaks to why I was posting as much as I did the night Richardson was traded. Forget how you feel about him as a RB and forget what was given up in order to move one spot from #4 to #3 and forget how for the previous season this same team, all be it under a different regime, traded and stockpiled draft picks. The underlying issue or problem I had was the fact that if the true motive was to improve the team then how in the world could they not look to maximize Richardson’s worth to the utmost degree? Instead because they wanted him gone so they accepted a first from Indy. Never mind that the Colts are a very real potential playoff team meaning their first round pick will probably be no earlier then the late 20s.

  • The_Real_Shamrock


  • cmm13

    You did better than me, I lost him at “I hate always being right”

  • oppie00

    That would have been the right thing to do for the fans instead of building excitement and getting them to spend money on season tickets and single games. Let’s wait until we have their money before we officially give up on the year.

  • gunner

    i honestly think we are moving in the right direction but i don’t think this would be good for the team we need a deep threat guy to scare the defenses you don’t just trade away a proven guy for off field bullshit look how great guys like Owens and Chad Johnson were. and all the teams they were on were good winning teams he needs to shape up and realize he has potential to be one of the greats. ON to greg little get rid of him for a bag of new balls he sucks he is in the NFL and cant catch a pass if a little girl threw it to him he’s trash let him be another teams gold who cares squeeze a db or someones 3rd Wr because anything is better than him.

    i say no on teddy and no on Manziel doth going to be busts, Johnny puts up numbers but he’s too small and not going to be able to run around like he does in college on the NFL d lines, as for Bridgewatter i think he is over rated yes he has good stats but against who Louisville plays no one good ever.

    as for who in my opinion is going to translate the best and be a sleeper pick is aaron murray of georgia he is a good pocket passer and if your comparing against best collegiate team alabama if you recall what he did playing them last year he was remarkable and almost beat them. the best college player is rarely the best professional.

    i know were no ravens team but look at flacco he played for delaware he obviously was a sleeper pick and now he has a ring on his finger don’t let college stats blind you because over years it has prooven that college play has no affect on how they are going to translate to a faster better game in the pro’s

    lastly on the running back situation no way on tate too many injuries isnt the reason we didnt want t rich he is risky and if we trade for him there is no garuntee he will resign with us next year and why would he. Tate will become a huge expense to the team and not be a good player for us i think wait till the draft let the guys who we have play and wait till the draft and pay for a cheap rookie

    my rb number one is silas redd he produced in the big ten with penn state and looks good with usc along with him michagain rb fitz tousaint both 5’10 200 backs that have played hard ball in the big ten both proven and both will be cheap and could get in the third round. i say this because i really dont see any of the projected first round backs being good in the pro’s based on running styles

    i ask that you all respect my input and comment back i would like to hear what you think of my GM thoughts on what our brownies do

  • David

    Except he didn’t. He had another year of eligibility.

  • wildeyedsouthernboy

    yeap don’t break the NFL Rules..good message..none of this well they are just football players and are going to break a few rules …boot em and be done with em

  • Linchang

    Booner & Dumbardo will rid apart this team that is just starting to get it together. Hoyer is a top notch QB with little experience, all he needs is playing time, he spent 3 years behind Tom Brady and learned, it showed in the last x-abition game and it showed again in the 3 season game,

  • Linchang

    Only QB to draft next year is A J McCarron from Alabama, we won’t get him with a #20 pick from Indianapolis Colts. You need a #1 or #2 pick, trading T Rich for a 20 pick was VERYSTUPID…

  • gunner

    with all do respect we won the game with out richardson he was a bust he has same stats in his first game with colts as he did with us he was an incredible college runner but is going be forgotten in a couple years.

    you have to look at all the great franchises in the league or the teams that went from worst to first they made sacrifices for the greater good so give this new regime of coaches and gm do their thing they are the professionals for a reason… i did love trent i love his style but i just think he is one of those guys who is going to bounce around the league and i think it was a good move but think they should have delt him to a different team because the colts will be good and that pick will be high first round.