NFL News: Rob Chudzinski shuts down Josh Gordon trade rumors

Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski attempted to stop the buzz about the ongoing Josh Gordon trade rumors during his usual Monday press conference.

After the second-year receiver’s outstanding performance in Sunday’s dramatic win over the Minnesota Vikings, the first-year head coach stood by his emerging star.

Chudzinski said “we have no plans on doing that” when addressed about the Gordon rumors. He said the talk is “just noise”, while again repeating later that the team has “no plans on any trades.”

Rumors began circulating Sunday morning before gametime that the Browns were fielding offers for Gordon and Greg Little, while also hunting for Texans backup running back Ben Tate.

With his second comment about “no plans on any trades”, Chudzinski also was referring to the status of Little, who was benched from the starting lineup on Sunday yet still grabbed three catches.

Also notable from his comments, Chudzinski called quarterback Brian Hoyer’s performance on Sunday “gutsy” but declined to commit further to the 27-year-old Clevelander. He said he plays on waiting until he has all of the information, likely about Brandon Weeden’s injury status.

Obviously, with last week’s trade of Trent Richardson, many fans had expected a complete fire sale of the Browns’ remaining offensive assets accumulated by the previous front office. Gordon, at just 22 and displaying flashes of elite performance in his starts, would likely bring in the best return. But with Sunday’s win, perhaps the Browns aren’t in as dire a state as one might have thought, which is what Kirk wrote about earlier today.

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