NFL News: No new deal for Alex Mack per report

CBS Sports’ Jason LaCanfora reports via twitter this morning that Cleveland Browns center Alex Mack will not be signing a contract extension anytime soon.

The Browns are well over $20 million dollars under the salary cap. They could be as high as $29 million under.

It is not uncommon for players or teams to cut off negotiations during the season.

Alex Mack was drafted in the first round of the 2009 NFL draft. He has started all 64 games in his NFL career and never missed a snap. In 2010 Mack was named to the NFL Pro-Bowl.

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  • Scott C. Young

    Arent there some mechanisms for rolling over the unused cap from 1 year to the next? Does it make sense that the current FO is hoarding for next off season? I think we’ll be good this year but are still probably a year away from a SB run (optimistic)

  • woofersus

    Hardly a scoop on the eve of game 1. I think it’s a big mistake though. He may very well get more expensive by the end of the year. Unless Mack was never open to negotiating a new contract until he’d seen how the Browns do this year, I can’t imagine how waiting until next year is good cap management.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    After watching the opener the Browns need Mack more then Mack needs the Browns. Huge mistake front office if you don’t convince this guy to resign during the season.

  • sammythegoose

    Why would Mack want to ruin his career by staying with an organization run by 3 of the biggest SNAKEOIL(Haslam,Banner,and Lombardi) salesmen in the NFL.