NFL News: Browns make practice squad moves, work out two receivers

Obviously upset by the lack of production from the wide recevier position this past Sunday, the Cleveland Browns are continuning their search for production through fringe roster moves.

Tom Reed of The Cleveland Plain dealer reports that the Browns have signed wide recevier Arceto Clark (an undrafted rookie) to the practice squad and re-signed running back Dennis Johnon. Clark was in camp with the Seattle Seahawks, but failed to make the team’s 53-man roster. Johnson was recently released to make room for wide recevier Tony Gurley.

In addition, The Baltimore Sun’s Aaron Wilson reports that the Browns have also worked out wide receiver Brandon Kaufman.

On Sunday, the Browns wide receiving corps (without a suspended Josh Gordon) totaled just 13 receptions for 132 yards and zero touchdowns. For comparison purposes, San Francisco wide receiever Anquan Boldin, acquired for a sixth-round pick this past offseason, amassed 208 yards and one touchdown on 13 receptions.

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  • MrCleaveland

    I fail to see what good this is going to do. Who are these guys going to replace? Little? No. Bess? No. Benjamin? I doubt it. Cooper? He didn’t do anything wrong.

  • maxfnmloans

    Why not Jordan Norwood? Rather than bringing in guys totally unfamiliar? I’m getting this creepy feeling that they’re going to keep recycling bottom of the roster guys hoping they’ll hit on one and then they can brag about their “find”. Throwing a bunch of stuff against a wall and seeing if anything sticks.

  • BenRM

    Norwood is a bottom of the roster guy. If you know “A” is crap and “B” is probably crap, but there’s a slight chance he might be slightly better than crap, you may as well try your hand at “B”.

  • MrCleaveland

    So you’re thinking they’re employing the crap-plus strategy. Hey, why not?

  • maxfnmloans

    I would think when you need someone to have even a slight chance to contribute in the near future (i.e. until Gordon comes back) you’d go with the Devil you know over the Devil you don’t. Perhaps I’ve been reading too much about risk aversion at night school and it has infected my brain?

  • humboldt

    Just keep your eyes on the pyrotechnics, dachshunds, drum circles, tepid ’90s alt rock bands, etc….nothing to see here

  • FearTheRoo

    Wouldn’t matter if we had Calvin Johnson. Weeden has a half-second to drop back and throw, not much time for success. Why not, you know, try to make the line better? At least get a replacement for Cousins…

  • nj0

    I hope the front office just misspelled cornerback.

  • Harv 21

    Since Benjamin choked on a big pass, maybe his receiver spot is in jeopardy and they’ll brand him as one whose practice game is better than his game game. Or a desperate attempt to scare Greg Little straight? Little has to know that being the roster’s only every-down wide out other than Mr. Imminent Suspension means he’s darn near bullet proof for the time being.

  • humboldt

    I was back in Cleveland last weekend and learned some disturbing things about Mr. Gordon from some people who would know. Not optimistic about him ever being a reliable contributor

  • Harv 21

    we all heard plenty about Haden too but I think this is different, really have a bad feeling about Gordon. Can’t get past the details of his college suspensions, the lack of any repercussions he’s faced for anything until these two game checks and the almost perfect statements of contrition after each incident. Enjoy watching his talent but will assume any game might be his last.

  • DJM

    Agreed need to replace Cousins or it doesnt matter whos catching the balls

  • Kildawg

    What hurts the RG spot is both Lauvao and Pinkston are hurt. I thought that bum Cousins was going to be cut after last season, then sometime during camp and preseason. Never happened…

  • C-Bus Kevin

    Isn’t there anybody the Browns could trade for? Anyone actually worth while?

    Can’t they find a WR, CB or RG ANYWHERE in the league? Who are these no-name cast-offs, and what in the world is this front office doing to justify their paychecks?

    Also…let’s not pretend Gordon is going to save the passing game when he comes back. This team is headed to 4-5 wins again IF they’re lucky. Just pathetic…

  • Big Z

    This last draft is looking worse and worse…

  • DJM

    At least give Gilkey a shot. Cant be any worse.

  • Michael Shake

    Way to little way to late, that’s what the off-season free agent singing period is for and that’s what the draft is for. I’m not impressed with the top brass ignoring glaring weaknesses when we had and have plenty of cap room. We knew we needed help especially at CB and WR and when two guards went down they made no moves. If we manage 4 wins I will be surprised.

  • Michael Shake

    I agree, we don’t know about Mingo yet but not impressed with any of the other draft picks at all.

  • woody1290

    Other teams cast offs….I see a 12-4 record, err I mean 4-12 this year. WHO HIRES THESE GUYS?????????? Stop the madness!!!!!!!!!

  • albertkapustar

    Granted the receivers suck except for Cameron and Bess but Cleveland should be adding offensive linemen;more then receivers.The offensive line looked like matadors waving Miami defenders through.You can have a lineup of reggie Waynes but if you have point 5 seconds to throw you won’t be able to hit anyone.This is assuming weeden doesn’t throw an interception or behind a receiver..

  • micronot

    The Browns has a wide receiver that looked promising – Cordell Roberson. The guy had good size, speed, and seemed to do a good job catching the ball. I don’t know why they cut him, maybe he didn’t run routes cleanly enough or wasn’t grasping the play book? But he did look promising, so I don’t know why they cut him on day 1 and didn’t at least keep him on the practice squad.

    BUT, I don’t even know why they are screwing around with these meaningless roster moves when they DESPERATELY NEED AN OG!

  • micronot

    I think most non-casual fans thought that the Browns needed an upgrade at OG even before Pinkston and Lauvao got injured. With better play at RG, you could see big improvement in the running game, and with a little more protection and time to throw, big improvement from Weeden and the passing game.

    It was inexcusable going into the regular season without at least a serviceable RG. Hell, they also thought going into the start of the season with no kicker was OK too.They needed a solid #2 CB, a FS, and a FB as well.

    Vonte Leach was available, so they could of had a good FB. They could have signed Keenan Lewis from the Steelers for the #2 CB. They could have signed Kerry Rhodes at FS. Rhodes and Lewis have already played under Horton, so they would be drop-in fits.

    As for OG, I have to believe that there was a veteran that was cut, or a practice squad player that has to be way better than Cousins. Or, maybe they could trade a DT like Hughes or Winn for a good OG.

    These signings wouldn’t break the bank or destroy future cap flexibility, but they could have made a huge difference in the teams performance and number of wins. Either the front office doesn’t care about winning, or they seriously over estimate the talent level on this team.

  • Michael Shake

    If there lucky they might win 4 games

  • rh

    Didn’t the fo say Rome wasn’t built in a day. Next years draft way deeper more talent. Pls. Be patient fo will get it done I can feel it in my bones

  • bam bam

    Yeah Boyd or Bridgewater browns pick in draft next year