NFL News: Brian Hoyer will start for Browns Sunday against Cincinnati

Coach Rob Chudzinski said Wednesday at his weekly press conference that Brian Hoyer will get the start for the Browns at quarterback against the Cincinnati Bengals. Brandon Weeden has not started throwing yet with his injured thumb, but Chudzinski said he is making progress. The team expects Weeden will begin throwing this week.

Brian Hoyer started last Sunday’s game against the Vikings and completed 30 of 54 passes for 321 yards, three touchdowns and three interceptions while leading the team to their first win.

Brandon Weeden injured his thumb in the Browns’ second game, a 14-6 loss in Baltimore. For the season, Weeden is 47 of 86 for 516 yards, with one touchdown pass and three interceptions.

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  • Translation: This is Hoyer’s ‘prove it’ game.

    If he goes out and throws for 145 /1 td / 3 int Weeden gets his job back next week when he’s 100% healthy.

  • Ezzie Goldish

    Ugh. Though at least it’s not saying Hoyer earned it so much as Weeden isn’t ready yet.

  • mgbode

    what if he throws 55% completions, 5.9YPA, and 3INT?

  • vespo09

    If it includes 300+ yards, 3 TDs and a win again, then I think they’ll take it again.

  • Well played.

  • Bryan

    Hoyer is going against an elite D that will have a full week to prep for him. This is a great test. We shouldn’t expect elite production, but it he can continue to make quick decisions, accurate throws, and cut the INTs, it will be impressive.

  • mgbode

    it could include 0TDs and less than 100yds and I’d gladly take the win. just making sure we stay grounded with what to expect from Mr. Hoyer.

  • TSR3000

    This is the problem. Realistically, we can expect a much more pedestrian outing.

    What if we win and he plays mediocre/bad?
    What if we lose but he plays decent?

  • TSR3000

    Why wouldn’t Chud wait until later in the week to announce this?

  • RGB

    It’s going to take a complete meltdown by Hoyer for Weeden to get his job back.

  • mgbode

    this is what I am talking about with perception. Weeden was not good, but Hoyer didn’t really do anything special either.

    this season, Minnesota has the 28th pass defense (yards), 32nd (TDs), 25th (YPA). all 3 teams that have faced the Vikings have 300yd passing and 3TDs passing. we did (by far) the worst against them.

    So, Hoyer didn’t do anything special (other than win) and people are now expecting too much from him as a result of that W.

  • Big Z

    Hoyer – win and you’re in!

  • MrCleaveland

    Yesterday when Banner was asked if he thought that Hoyer would start, instead of saying something like “That’s the coach’s decision,” he said, “I hope so.” That is a very strange comment coming from a guy in his position.

  • nj0

    Strangely honest, methinks. Weird for a front office type to act like he has an opinion. I kind of like it.

  • MrCleaveland

    Yes, but it can be seen as pressuring his coach about who to play. There’s no reason to say that publicly.

  • nj0

    I have a feeling Chud is well aware of the opinions of the front office.

  • MrCleaveland

    I’m sure he is. I’m talking about public perception. You don’t want fans or players thinking that Banner is pulling the strings or interfering with Chud’s decisions.

    Bottom line: by Banner making his wishes known on who he thinks Chud should start, there’s nothing to gain and something to lose.

  • nj0

    I understand that’s popular wisdom, but I don’t care for it. I’m tired of kowtowing to the fans. Glad Banner is too.

  • MrCleaveland

    Alright, that tears it. Pistols at dawn.


    I hope the fans’ expectations are low. This isn’t Minnesota. The Browns have no running game and a suspect-in-places offensive line, and Cincinnati isn’t exactly a bottom-feeding defense.

  • Big Z

    It was the Vikings’ home opener, the Browns had no running game, and It was Hoyer’s first-ever start with the team. Despite the fact that he’d been practicing with the 3rd-stringers up to that point, he overcame 3 INTs to lead his team on a 4th quarter comeback drive to win in the Metrodome for the first time since 1989. Don’t sell him short.

  • Big Z

    Yeah, but they’re still the Bungles…

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    C’mon man! Are you kidding DP did you not watch, read and listen to all of the “fans” of this football team who have them winning two heck maybe the next three. This is why when bad things happen it’s so dramatic because this football town is bi-polar. After a win, regardless of how it happened, this team is suddenly so good and after a loss it’s an absolute abomination. The truth is this team is in the middle it’s basically mediocre but don’t tell that to the “fans” in this town otherwise you’ll get the response I did when I commented during the Vikings game thread.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    And I’m the negative one LoL man first the Indians “fans” and now the football teams “fans” I’m starting to think you just really hate “fans” in general.

  • The_Real_Shamrock
  • co811809

    he’ll also have another week with the starters