NBA News: Daniel Gibson apologizes to Cleveland fans via Instagram

On Monday, former Cavalier guard Daniel Gibson re-posted a thank you to Cleveland fans for their support, and at the same time apologized for his performance last season.

Gibson instagram

The text of the picture says “With all the injuries and playing hurt… I wouldn’t want to leave Cleveland this way, it would hurt me to leave that way. I feel like the fans have always shown love to me, and this is home, basically. I apologize for the product I put out there on the floor. Daniel Gibson, 2013”.

Gibson posted his lowest points per game average since his rookie season in 2012-2013. He played in 46 of the Cavaliers’ 82 games. He averaged 5.4 points and 1.8 assists.

Gibson turned himself into police on July 29th in New Orleans, after being charged with second degree battery.

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  • boomhauertjs

    Been a rough year for Boobie.

  • matt underwood

    seems like he has been on the team from 20 years

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    19 to long! This almost brought a tear to my eye I can’t wait for #1 to be raised to the rafters or better yet how about a statue?

  • saggy

    I am assuming you’re talking about Terrell Brandon?

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    T-Bone heck no Daniel Boobie Gibson is truly #1!


  • mgbode

    only the ’95 Indians, ’97 Indians, and ’07 Cavs have even gotten to the championship round in their sport in Cleveland in my lifetime. Those ’07 Cavs don’t get there without Gibson (also the leading scorer in the 2 games in SA in those Finals).

    What has happened since that year is unfortunate. He never became the player we hoped he would, but no reason to hate.

  • WayneEmbrysKids

    Daniel Gibson did not live up to the contract. Weird to see a player apologize. Sizemore?!

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    It’s a free country I can h8 if I want to, h8 if I want to! Gibson is from Texas so you might be a tad bias but hey, you can remember 2007 however you want it’s a free country!

  • deesh

    I really wish the best for Gibson, he seems like a real classy player and person.

  • Hard not to like the guy and wish him the best in the future.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Love the anonymous down ticker this one goes out to you, It’s MY party I can do what we want
    It’s MY party I can say what we want
    It’s MY party I can love who we want
    I can kiss who I want
    I can sing what I want


  • The Other Tim

    Maybe you missed this part:

    Gibson turned himself into police on July 29th in New Orleans, after being charged with second degree battery.

  • Donny

    to much Keisha Cole not enough basketball and LeBron will make anyone look great what were his numbers when LeBron left?

  • nathanielwade

    Maybe you missed the part of life where you were taught to be informed on topics before commenting on them lest your idiocy be on display?

    Sticking up for your wife and putting a drunk guy in his place for disrespecting her is not some horrible thing that makes Boobie somehow less of a man.

  • Matt

    The year after lebrons departure was actually boobies best year. he started out decent in 11-12 season but these constant injuries just took him out of it and hes been down ever since. Please make sure your info is intact before you comment in order to preserve your integrity. K thanks bro!

  • missamerica

    He did have a bad season but I like Gibson. When he is healthy and allowed to play, he has some pretty good shots and moves the ball.