MLB news: Francona removes Chris Perez as Cleveland’s closer

It appears that Terry Francona has seen enough of Chris Perez in tight situations.

On the Indians’ pregame show on Fox Sports, Francona said he would use a committee type of approach to the closer role, using individual match-ups to determine who pitches when.

Chris Perez gave up a pair of home runs on Tuesday night, losing the lead in the process before Jason Giambi homered in the bottom of the ninth to bail the Indians out.

Last night Perez allowed four earned runs in the ninth inning. The Indians are clinging to a 1 game advantage over the Texas Rangers in the wild card standings with just three games to go in the season. The Indians can’t afford a blown save going forward, which is why Francona has made the move that he has.

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  • mgbode

    is it wrong that i’m worried about seeing him tonight in a 7-0 game?

  • Big Z

    Good. Sit Cody Allen down while you’re at it.

  • Matthew Grant Anson


  • Big Z

    Dude’s an automatic 2-3 runs when the pressure’s up.

  • Wes

    You mean the kid who has given up 19 ER all year in 76 appearances and 69.1 IP? The guy with 6 wins, 2 saves and 11 holds? The guy with a 2.47 ERA and 1.27 WHIP? THAT guy?! If he was so terrible, like you say, when the “pressure’s up” then either he’s virtually never pitched in pressure situations (not true) or you’re completely crazy.

  • Wow

    Smith, Allen, Masterson, Salazar. The possibilities are endless.

  • Big Z

    Yep. 2.47 ERs in clutch situations, like I said.

  • chinka


  • Matthew Grant Anson

    That’s 2.47 ERs per 9 innings, not per appearance.