Browns offense sputters out of the gate, lose to Dolphins 23-10

Opening Day BrownsThe Browns and Dolphins played a very ugly offensive game Sunday afternoon. Both offensive lines struggled to protect their quarterback or open holes in the running game.

The Browns sacked Miami’s Ryan Tannehill three times and allowed only 20 yards rushing on 21 attempts.

Cleveland’s Mitchell Schwartz had a tough time trying to stop DE Cameron Wake, who got to Brandon Weeden three times. Oniel Cousins, starting at right guard for the injured Shaun Lauvao and Jason Pinkston also had a rough game with costly penalties, including a holding penalty that nullified a late touchdown pass.

Trent Richardson ran for 47 yards on 13 carries, many of those yards coming on second and third effort.

Brandon Weeden threw three interceptions in the game. Two of those interceptions belonged to former Brown Dimitri Patterson, who was in the right place at the right time twice grabbing passes that had deflected off Browns’ receivers. Weeden finished with 289 yards passing.

Jordan Cameron led the Browns in receiving with 9 catches for 108 yards and a touchdown.

  • Warburton MacKinnon

    Does it matter wether they are physical or mental? If the results are the same? Wasn’t the comment he is nothing special,to me that could be either or both mental and physical. Must say I still see nothing special.

  • Warburton MacKinnon

    Why is that so scary,TRich wasn’t doing all that good. Obie can play,though miscast as a FB, he was still better than Owen ever was, and was asked to block some folks in pass protection that he shouldn’t have been trying to block and getting no help. Yet he still had a couple of catches for gains,excluding this years preaseason did Owen EVER do even that good?

  • Wow

    Haha HS or NCAA?

  • Warburton MacKinnon

    I still think it’s more on the QB than the recievers on the passing game Weeden was pretty bad start to finish,the balls tended to bounce out of WR’s hands,yes,but it was off of fingeretips at the end of arms extended as far as they would go. Not off off the palms,or chest or forearms,but fingertips at full extension. though Cousins neds to hit the bricks for sure.

  • dukem1

    Weedon – cut him tonight
    Little – cut him tonight
    Richardson – get him a balls transplant
    Beyond belief this group had all of last season plus the entire offseason to examine the reasons for their failure to perform at the pro level.
    Get rid of them all right now and start planning to build a team with guys who know how to play football.

  • PlymouthDawg

    When you are 1 of 14 on third down conversions, you aren’t going to win many games. Weeden stares down his targeted receiver, while Tannehill read his progressions more quickly. Cousins’ miscues carried over to Schwartz not being able to control the bull rush of Cameron Wake. I still don’t understand a two yard route when the offense has a third and eight. This game was very winnable, but it turned into another opening day farce for our Browns.

  • Lunch

    So basically what you’re saying is remove a number of players, replace them with new players who are not familiar with Chud’s system, and then let them play and lose so that you would end up posting the exact same statement again, except with different names. Is this correct?

  • Lunch

    Looking at Joe Banner’s history might reveal a clue to his plans with the Browns, especially if he’s using a similar plan to the one he used with the Eagles.

    Still it’s too early to talk about who stays and who goes right now. Best to wait until the season is nearly over first.

  • jpftribe

    Yup. Could’ve had Cooper or Warmack at no 1 too. Owens is terrible. Can’t cover and can’t tackle. Skrine looked like Skrine. Owens was playing FS on the touchdown to Hartline and miles away from the play.

    9 undrafted rookie FA’s on this roster is criminal. But hey, give Banner credit as CEO. He has amassed those assets, draft picks next year and 30M in cap space.

  • jpftribe

    Hey, that’s my line!

  • Mike

    What is Banners history?

  • Derek

    I know I sound like a broken record and am repeating a lot of what others have already commented on but man this game felt a lot like some of the games last year. I feel we abandoned the run wayyyyy too early. It felt like we were down by 21 in the first half with how much we were throwing. No adjustments. Cousins and Schwartz were getting abused all day and I rarely saw our RBs and TEs stay in to block and when they did they usually whiffed. Speaking of Cousins, it is inexcusable for this front office to go into this game with this guy as our starting guard. You have got to be kidding me. Did Banner not watch the preseason the past three years. This guy wouldn’t cut it in the CFL.

    Our receivers consistently do not get any separation, especially without Gordon in there. If J. Cameron is going to be our main weapon in the receiving game then we are in for a long season. I am tired of reading about all of the extra work Little is putting in to see him celebrate after a six yard gain and then watch him drop balls and get tackled by Dimitri Patterson. DIMITRI FREAKIN PATTERSON!!! REALLY!!! First two interceptions since 2010. Wow.

    Back to our front office…. How about Chris Owens and Buster Skrine…. You don’t think Miami went into halftime and targeted them two… I’m pretty sure those two were the ones in coverage each time on their touchdown drive to go up by 10. But no reason to upgrade the CB position. Banner must have missed the Dallas game last year.

    I am tired of watching this team play like manure each and every year. I am tired of hearing each and every front office talking about not being able to fill all the holes in one offseason and that we need to be patient. I have been patient for 14 years. Have you missed the Redskins, Colts, and Seattle? It’s going to be a long year boys and possibly worse than last year…….You know Philly cut Watkins last week, a first found pick by yours truly. But who am I kidding, he is smarter than everyone.

  • Derek

    He has been terrible against third stringers for years now. This is no secret and should not have been for Banner. The guard position needed an upgrade before the injuries and for the front office to be this naive and to think that they “couldn’t fill all the holes” is unacceptable.

  • mgbode

    here are my thoughts:

    any of us “dumb” fans knew that we had potential huge needs at OG, TE, WR-depth, QB, ILB, OLB (with 3-4 switch), S, CB2/3/4

    the FO “in their wisdom” chose to address WR-depth and OLB (and also added to the DL). and CB4 with a middle-round CB (rookie middle round guys are usually not starters).

    that left us with blatant holes. holes we all saw and have discussed. QB is a tough one because other than “maybe” Alex Smith, there really didn’t seem like any good options to upgrade (and even he is so/so). we have a ton of cap room. we could have addressed these holes to some extent further. we didn’t.

    now, we have real football and see the FO was right on TE and ILB (as long as we the starters don’t get hurt). kudos to Robertson and Cameron. But, CB2/3, S, OG, QB. Ugh. Yuck.

    it’s frustrating.

  • mgbode

    maybe he wants Bridgewater

  • mgbode

    he went too far though (not that I blame him after that game). we aren’t getting rid of Schwartz, Cameron, Little, and all the other young guys (especially if Cameron keeps it up).

  • mgbode

    yes, left with shoulder injury, came back 2nd half

  • mgbode

    well, at least the lone team competing to make the playoffs in 2013 didn’t lose to a pitcher that they released because he was so terrible and continued being terrible before he pitched against us. oh wait….

  • Warburton MacKinnon

    Cap managment mostly,and off field as opposed to on field stuff.

  • Warburton MacKinnon

    I thought unspent cap money goes away and is not accrued for future usage,I may be wrong, Anyone want to look that up?

  • Foghorn Leghorn

    Weeden deserves so much more blame for this catastrophe than anyone is stating. He slings passes off-target, usually high, leading to tipped interceptions. I dont think he hit a single guy in stride all day. He cant throw a 4 yd “touch” pass. He cant read a defense, cant scramble, cant adjust to defensive schemes, and is just generally awful. Anyone disagreeing, please just watch ANY competent QB in this league (hint, usually on plus .500 teams) and tell me that Weeden looks anything close to those guys. The only time he does look good is when he has 5-7 seconds to throw. Seriously. He is a trainwreck.

  • jpftribe

    Sorry, I was defnitely being sarcastic with that last comment. The only assets I care about are in the W column.

  • saggy


  • Jeremy Campbell

    They sure did manage to paint the town Brown with all the crap they threw around during that game.

  • BuckeyeDawg

    For the first game in the 3-4 with a new coordinator and 2 missing contributors, I thought they did a fine job. I agree with you that pressure was lacking at times especially in the 4th quarter. Getting Mingo and Rubin back ( and hopefully improving on offense) should help keep everyone from getting worn down.

    Nobody wants to hear it, and I don’t blame them, but we need to give the new coaches and schemes a few weeks to get the kinks worked out. Not having Gordon hurts more than a lot of people are saying, as well. When he and Lauvao come back and everyone gets a couple more weeks under their belts, I think things will improve.

    We lost 34-7 in the opener to PIT in 2007, then went on to go 10-6. All is not lost. People keep acting like we were the far superior team who lost to a terrible Miami team. I’m not sure that’s the case. Miami is a 7 win team that made some key additions, and could very well be a playoff team. Yeah, we played poorly on offense, but I’m not ready to throw myself off a bridge after one game. I suppose that makes me an outlier in the reactionary Browns fan base. If we still look like this in a month, I’ll be a lot more critical…

  • mgbode

    agree that we are likely over-reacting to some extent, but history is not on our side.

    we have a Denny Green defense (they are what we thought they were): Strong up front, pretty good on the LBers and a terrible secondary if you just avoid Haden & Ward. Well, lookie, lookie. NFL coaches are able to figure out what we can figure out (at least the coaches/FO on other teams). Imagine that.

    on offense, I’ll put it this way. since 1999, we have seen our offense rank in the TOP HALF of the NFL exactly once in points or yardage (2007 – 8th in both). 2002 was our 2nd best year (19th & 23rd). then, a bunch of years ranked in the mid-to lower-to higher 20s and 30s.

    we didn’t upgrade the offense this offseason. we were
    bad at offense last year. we were hoping to have the youngsters make leaps this year, but it doesn’t look too likely based on week1. maybe we are overreacting (I sure hope so), but teams like NYJ, Buffalo, Oakland all have alot of youth and looked better on offense.


    Don’t misinterpret my response as saying there’s no way they can improve; that wasn’t what I meant. Also, I wasn’t trying to say our front 7 didn’t do all they could do. I was just saying that the defensive gameplan right now is predicated on getting to the QB to mitigate our weaknesses in the secondary, and they failed to do that in the second half yesterday. I didn’t mean it as a complete indictment of anything, really. Just an observation.

    I tend to agree/hope that Rubin and Mingo can make a difference, but there isn’t much a front seven can do if their opponent is going shotgun and/or throwing three-step-drop timing out routes and our CBs are so afraid of getting beat deep that they’re 10 yards off. It’s pitch and catch, and it’s going to be a long season if that continues.


    I respectfully disagree. I don’t mean to absolve Weeden of any responsibility for the two picks that were off the WRs’ hands, but I come from the school of thought that if a WR can get two hands on the ball, he bears at least *some* responsibility for catching it.


    Trent Richardson not putting in much effort? How many of his yards were after first contact and/or second effort? He averaged over four yards a carry, with almost NO holes to run through. I think throwing ANY of this on TR is a bit misplaced, personally.

  • BuckeyeDawg

    I guess my comments were more general in nature than a direct response to you, DP. I just tire of the “OMG we lost, we suck again, season’s over!” nonsense that seems to be pervading the Browns fan base since yesterday.

    I agree that the front 7 & can only do so much if we can’t count on our secondary (other than Haden) to cover the short routes.


    I hear ya. I think a lot of times there’s a “realistic expectations gap” going on during these games. We’ve talked ad infinitum about the holes on this roster, and then many seem shocked when those holes are exposed. We all knew our secondary was weak, and yet so many here seem stunned by how weak our secondary looked.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I’m with you between whoever made the decision to stop using him in every way and the fact that Weeden and his WRs stunk, didn’t help. I said last week that Weeden had to take the pressure off of Richardson not vice versa and it didn’t happen. This opener demonstrated just how far back the Browns are when it comes to personnel. They still, after all of these years and all of these regimes, lack play makers. Richardson is all they have now. Gordon could possibly become one but he needs to learn how to be a professional football player first which means ending all of his off-field antics. I don’t know.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Not only that but how many times did you see a Browns WR separate from a defender? This has been an issue for years, heck a decade almost. It’s no wonder Dmitri Patterson made two interceptions. When he played for the Browns he never had a single solitary interception largely because he was hardly ever in a position to make an interception.

  • BrownieBob

    Some Stats so far……10……The number of 300+ passing games this past weekend…..its a scoring and passing league…..We are going to give up yards….enough with the Skrine bashing…every team has a Skrine…..You have to SCORE POINTS TO WIN….We just don’t score points….I don’t know why….Its like there is a curse at work here…..Our defense is fine…….But until we start scoring 20+ point a game we are just going to suck…

  • BrownieBob

    Random Thoughts….
    We have averaged 27th in league in points scored since 1999…..Think that might be the problem???????
    Is it me or does Trent Richardson look like he doesn’t want to get hit????….I am worried here fans……way way way to much dancing and no running….
    From 1965 thru 2000 we drafted 432 players…..How many hall of famers in that group????…..Answer…1 ( one )…..( Ozzie Newsome )……Think that might be the worst record of any team???……Of course when your draft strategy involves taking a Duke LB with your 1st rd. pick how successful will it be…..
    Along with the above…since 2001 we have drafted 99 players……Only Joe Thomas looks like he may be destined for the HOF……..So make that potentially 2 out of 531 players in 45 drafts……UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH……think that might just be our problem?????????……

  • BuckeyeDawg

    Maybe “liking our chances” is a little strong, but if we can contain Rice and shut down Torrey Smith (both plausible from what I saw yesterday and last Thursday), that means it’s up to Flacco to beat us with a bunch of unproven WR. Add in the fact that Baltimore’s defense was less than impressive week 1, and I am cautiously optimistic.

    But it’s the Browns, so who knows? We might win, or we might get embarrassed.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I think the Browns have a better chance at shutting down Smith then Rice. The Ravens OL is way better then the Dolphins and well, Rice is way way better then any runner Miami has now. That being said anything is possible.