Cleveland Indians’ rookies dress in costume for flight to Minnesota

A harmless little hazing tradition continued on the Indians’ flight to Minnesota to face the Twins in the final series of the regular season. Several of the Indians’ rookies had to dress in costume for the plane ride.



Well done veterans. Of course, they could have had those costumes lying around from the Harlem Shake video.

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  • matt underwood

    i love the “custom” too….

  • mgbode

    this is not as much a harmless custom as it is a way of protecting our rookies from potential harm. do not forget that it was the cowgirl boots that saved Kyle Denney from a bullet:


  • Pomp62

    I think he was referring to the Indians custom of the costumes. At least I hope so. Who am I kidding? No he wasn’t…**sigh**

  • Jay

    They should have Perez dress up like a major league closer.


  • Scooter

    I think he meant “custom” as in “tradition”, but when I first read it, I thought he misspelled costume. Who knows.