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Cleveland Browns Film Room: Game 1, What the heck happened? Part 2

For the third consecutive year, we’ll take a seat each week in our very own WFNY Browns film room and break down a little tape from the game, with a specific focus.  Do enjoy.


If you missed Part 1 of this week’s film room, go back and read it. It’s sort of a prerequisite.

So in Part 2 we are going to look at what the Browns did to try and help Mitchell Schwartz against Cameron Wake. Yes, they certainly lined a tight end or running back up behind Schwartz to help block Wake, but there is more you can do and to my surprise more the Browns tried to do in order to slow him down. Let’s take a look.

Phins chip Oby presnap

Here we have Ogbonnaya lined up behind Schwartz to give him a hand with Wake. Using your fullback in this way gives you the opportunity to pick up blitzes as well, and can lead to him sneaking into the flat for a pass.

Phins chip Oby snap

Here the combination of Schwartz and Ogbonnaya works on Cameron and Weeden has plenty of time to throw the ball. Nice job on this play by Cousins as well.

Phins chip Oby finish

Here comes an interesting play.

Phins chip reception presnap

Cameron moves over from the left side of the formation to the right side, and Gary Barnidge pinches in tighter.

Phins chip reception presnap 2

Here we see the two tight ends and the linebackers moving into position to counter.

Phins chip reception pt 3

At the snap Schwartz doesn’t even block Wake, but blocks down on Odrick (98). Cousins pulls to the right, as does John Greco. This play looks like a run all over.

Phins chip reception pt 4

Here we see the blocking and the fake handoff. Notice Jordan Cameron’s block on Cameron Wake (91).

Phins chip reception pt 5

Boom. Cameron peels off his block of Wake and Weeden pulls the ball away from Richardson. Look at Miami’s Koa Misi (55). I call that the “Oh crap” position.

Phins chip reception pt 6

Cameron crosses the middle and takes the pass from Weeden for a nice gain. It was a pass play that nullified the rush of Cameron Wake. Well done.

Phins Fb presnap

Here we see another pass play. Seriously, look how far outside Wake has gotten. Now he’s outside Jordan Cameron, lined up in the flank.

Phins FB snap

Schwartz blocks down and the Browns attempt to have Ogbonnaya block Wake off the edge. Jordan Cameron does not chip Wake at the line.

Phins FB finsih

This is not successful. Wake bursts through Ogbonnaya and disrupts Weeden. Of course, Weeden isn’t doing himself any favors by not seeing or feeling Wake come at him.

Phins wide 9 Greco whiff

As the game went on Wake just kept getting further and further outside.

Phins Wide 9 Greco whiff 2

This is an interesting attempt to block Wake. Here Schwartz blocks down on the DT, and John Greco pulls from the right guard spot to come get Wake. Richardson also looks to Wake’s side to help out. This play to me was an adjustment made at halftime. I could be wrong, but I bet it is a direct response to Wake’s dominance on that side.

Phins wide 9 Greco whiff 3

Unfortunately, Greco whiffs on the block falling for a stutter step move.

Phins wide 9 Greco whiff final

This one is a double oops as Richardson also doesn’t get a good block on Wake. He blew by two Browns like it was nothing.

Richardson is not a great blocker. So far neither is Ogbonnaya. That’s not good considering he’s our fullback. Another way to slow the pass rush is with screens and draws. With the way Cousins was blocking, I’m not sure that a draw to that side would have been a good play. A strong rushing game would have helped, but we all know that the Browns abandoned the running game.

Do you tip your hat to the Dolphins and Cameron Wake? Then what do you do when you face another top outside rusher? The Browns will have to work on this problem. We know that Mitchell Schwartz struggles against speed rushers that line up wide, but despite that weakness he can still be a good tackle in this league. Oniel Cousins? No comment.

Until next week, the film room is closed.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    I think Terrell Suggs is the one who will mainly be going up against Schwartz this week. Not that Elvis Dumervil is really a better matchup. Could be another rough game for our young RT. The tight ends and backs really need to clean up their act this weekend when they are asked to help block the OLB.

  • MrCleaveland

    Nice, Rick.

    So the schemes were good, it was the execution that was bad — over and over again. Can it be that we are expecting linemen to do things they can’t do?

  • Lawerence Vickers. Get the man on the phone!

  • Patrick Elder

    Are we judging Ogbannaya’s ability to block off of that one play or were there other instances of bad blocking? Because you can’t reasonably expect a FB to block a DE, especially Cameron Wake.

  • mgbode

    he’s available to talk on the phone, but he’s lying in his bed with a bad back.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    There are others.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    I’d rather have Michael Robinson.

  • BenRM

    When Wake was lining up so far outside, why didn’t the Browns simply try to gash the gigantic hole that was left open? (That’s what she said.)

    I’m not a great X’s and O’s guy, so maybe there’s a good reason for this.

  • hutch058

    john connor

  • BenRM

    he comes from the past to protect the future from the present! SKYNET!

  • steve-o

    In order for that to be successful, they would need a block on the DT by Cousins, another block on a LB by Obey, enough of a block by Schwartz to prevent Wake from doing and end round and blowing up the play, and Trich to resist the temptation to river dance in front of the resulting hole. Considering the way the game had gone, our coaches may have felt the probability of success was quite low.

  • Harv 21

    so the team blows again, but we got Rick’s Film Room. So there’s that.

    Thanks, Rick. My fav WFNY feature of any sports season.

  • saggy

    one mistake with your analysis:
    you call Ogbonnaya a fullback when he is quite obviously only a “fullback.”

  • Ezzie Goldish

    The comforting side is that the coaching staff tried to adjust and even attack this MIA approach, though it’s never great when you’re responding to the D instead of the other way around. But if nobody can execute a block… ugh.

    Great, great breakdown(s), Rick.


    Yeah, I was just going to say, “Good thing the Ravens don’t have any good pass rushers like Terrell Suggs and Elvis Dumervil. Oh, wait.” Which doesn’t even factor in Haloti Ngata occupying the guards/center.


    Preferably the Christian Bale version, and not the Edward Furlong version.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    You keep Ngata away from Oniel Cousins, you hear me? No! Bad!!

  • Hamfist

    I have a feeling the Ravens were watching this tape as well. If I was them I’d have Ngata lined up between Mack and Greco all day long, keep Dumervil/Suggs on Schwartz’s outside shoulder, and blitz 2 guys at Cousins all day long.

  • Jason Hurley

    The pass to Cameron was an excellent play.

  • Lyon25

    So they instead decided to ignore the run and let Wake destroy the passing game.