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Not sports related, but Cleveland related and just stinking funny. “This morning we decided the @PlainDealer account was worth a case of Great Lakes Oktoberfest and a six pack of PBR. The ransom call was made before lunch and just a few minutes ago two good folks from showed up with the haul you see pictured to the right. We graciously handed over the password to @PlainDealer and thanked them for their prompt reply.” [Grzegorek/Scene]


The ‘Detroit’s bankrupt’ cheer at the Tribe game caught some flak. Not all Detroit fans are impossible though. “Tigers fan Sean Mohan, of Warren, was at the game and though he didn’t hear the chant, he thinks Detroit fans weren’t blameless. “We were doing a lot of trash talking,” he said.” [Strawser/CBS Detroit]


Cavs getting some under 25 love. “It makes sense for the Cavs to rank high on this list and maybe I’m just being a little greedy but I feel we should be higher. We have a player who could be a top 5 player in the very near future and is coming off two of the best years we’ve ever seen from a player at his age in the NBA. We have young players who have shown enough glimpses of talent to think they could be borderline all stars if not very good starters in this league in Dion and Tristan. Not to mention the #1 overall pick this year in Anthony Bennett and two players that are likely solid rotation players in Felix and Zeller. Plus Sergey Karasev could easily wind up being in the upper echelon of shooters in the NBA.” [Rowan/Fear the Sword]


Made to be broken. “Officially, the total offense record for a season fell last year when Braxton Miller racked up 3310 yards to pass Bob Hoying’s 3290 yards from 1995. Unofficially, Terrelle Pryor had 3526 yards of total offense in the vacated games of the 2010 season. Miller is almost expected to break the official record again, and he stands a good chance of making a run at the unofficial record as well.

One thing that would help him along in that quest would be to top the single-game record of 412 yards set by Art Schlichter in a 1981 loss to Florida State. Considering the expected improvements in his passing, it would not be surprising to see Miller break not only this record but also Schlichter’s career total offense record of 8850 yards. After only two seasons, Miller is already tenth on the all-time list with 5184 yards.” [Beale/Eleven Warriors]


Finally, my nominee for headline of the year. [Burke/Deadspin]

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I was thinking about this last night as I watched the Browns and occasionally checked in on the Indians carnage…Detroit is bankrupt as a city yet has professional sports teams in better overall shape then Cleveland. Tigers in baseball. Red Wings by default in hockey. Lions turning it around in football. And now even the Pistons are improving in basketball. Ugh.

  • Natedawg86

    Stay Healthy Miller
    Signed, Ohio