Training Camp News and Notes: Richardson and Ward hope to play in the GLC

234-20130726-0600_600“I don’t even know what shin y’all are talking about,” said Trent Richardson to crack up the pool of media around him. He stopped well short of saying he would play in the team’s upcoming pre-season game, deferring to his coach, but said his hopes are tosuit up on Thursday night. The same was said by safety T.J. Ward who also missed action when the Browns defeated the Rams last week. Coach Chudzinski didn’t talk about Ward specifically, but indicated he’d have more information on the the playing time plans for the Browns’ number one running back Tuesday. When Richardson was asked if he thought the Browns were being too careful with him, he said he didn’t know how to answer that.

“I don’t know how you can be too careful with someone,” Richardson said.

The rest of the injury report Monday was mostly about guys coming back, including Jordan Norwood, Oniel Cousins and Chris Owens. Of course one familiar name was added back to the list of injured players. Montario Hardesty came up grabbing at his hand after trying to catch a high snap from center. The injury was reportedly to Hardesty’s thumb. Chud didn’t have much info on the thumb yet, but Hardesty’s frustration at having to leave the practice field was plain to see.

Here are the rest of the notes:

  • Norv Turner had opportunities to yell today. He was coaching his offense to run the plan with speed and continually admonished them for not getting snaps off quickly enough in a two minute drill.
  • That two minute drill was not Weeden’s finest moment of camp. In one sequence Weeden overthrew Davone Bess, then Cameron, threw behind Little who made a great catch and then overthrew Bess again.
  • The defense seemed to best their counterparts for most of the day. DBs were showing active hands to break up passes by sweeping and slapping through the ball all day long. Haden, Wade and Skrine were all in on at least one breakup.
  • Davone Bess was wearing pants. Maybe the wideout is still adjusting to the new atmosphere in Cleveland as opposed to Florida, but it certainly felt balmy in the mid to upper 70’s to me.
  • Nobody has more fun practicing than Quentin Groves. He’s absolutely everywhere. When he wasn’t making plays, he was fixing tight ends’ shoulder pads and making teammates laugh. You get the sense that he’s one of those indispensable locker room guys in addition to being a key reserve. I feel like a broken record on this point.
  • D’Qwell Jackson was getting some rest today and used his off day to hang with Ray Horton. Most of the practice D’Qwell looked like he was trying to be Horton’s intern or apprentice standing deep in the defensive backfield in order to see everything developing.
  • Montario Hardesty’s injury, while unfortunate for him, does again provide a window for Brandon Jackson. Jackson is doing the best he can to earn that spot all on his own too. He’s shown good ability running the ball, but also some nice catching. On a tipped pass in the end zone, he was Johnny on the spot making a diving grab to score and save his teammate on a tipped ball.
  • When talking about the fullback position, Chris Ogbonnaya really makes it sound more like the Browns will be in a two back set. Yes, he’s a fullback, but it doesn’t sound like it’s going to resemble much of anything like we’ve seen from fullbacks in Cleveland over the years.
  • Cleveland Cavaliers GM Chris Grant was on hand today watching practice with Alec Scheiner before also joining Joe Banner. This isn’t the first time Grant has been spotted in Berea, although it’s the first camp visit I know of since Banner and Scheiner showed up.

That’s all from Berea. We’ll be back tomorrow with more on Trent Richardson’s prospects for playing time on Thursday in the all-important GLC. 

Photo via Jon Cole/WFNY

  • Hypno_Toad

    A possible backfield of Richardson, Lewis, Jackson, and O.G Banana.

    I like the sound of that. If we’re going to have this downfield passing game we’re going to need backs who can catch for a checkdown.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    “I don’t know how you can be too careful with someone,” Richardson said – AMEN TRICH AMEN!

  • deebo

    Richardson = Mack
    Jackson/Ogbonnaya = Byner

    Lewis = Metcalf

    All on the same team. Super Bowl. Wheeee!