Scott Raab on Jimmy Haslam, Roger Goodell, the Plain Dealer, Riley Cooper and Danny Salazar – WFNY Podcast – 2013-08-06

WFNY Podcast LogoScott Raab and I went on an audio journey this evening. It started very focused on Cleveland sports, but once we hit the Plain Dealer topic, things went all over the place. Enjoyed it just the same.

  • J.G. Spooner’s dislike of the cancer kid touchdown run
  • Servicemen surprising their family on a football field
  • P.R. stunts and whether or not they’re harmful
  • Roger Goodell’s head injury youth football camp
  • The NFL and head injuries compared with tobacco companies and cancer
  • Should the media have asked anything but Jimmy Haslam questions?
  • Could I have thought of anything to ask Roger Goodell?
  • What’s the dynamic between Jimmy Haslam and Roger Goodell?
  • Danny Salazar and his potential to be better than Jaret Wright
  • How important is it to make the playoffs for the organization?
  • The Indians took the payroll down into the $40 million range
  • Scott’s dramatic pause makes me think he hung up
  • The Plain Dealer dropping circulation and staff
  • What does the future look like?
  • Darwinism in capitalism
  • Healthcare and government and dollars getting in the way of logic
  • Riley Cooper and the “racism thing”
  • Riley Cooper’s apologies and how good they were

  • bobby

    They aren’t apologies.

    I am sorry, I have hurt you, I did not intend to do that, but I did, I will make amends and not do it again

    they are

    Non pologies.

    I am sorry IF i hurt your feelings in some way
    I am sorry IF I offended you (the non-pology you gave at the end of the podcast)

    and even worse

    YOU pologies

    I am sorry that you got so offended by what I said, I have no idea why you are so mad bro, but sorry.

    Douchiest of all moves.

    Most “apologies” are really non-pologies….athletes, politicians, entertainers are masters of this.

    I have heard “Lebron apologized, so you should get over it now” except he didn’t. He non-pologized. He would have done just what he did except he damaged his brand…so he would have still effed us….just not on national TV.

    “he would have done it differently”

    borderline you-pology…..dang, why you so mad bro, sorry you got all twisted….not sure how this on me…..sorry I guess.

    A real apology requires reflection and understanding. Mr. Cooper SEEMS to understand his mistake and SEEMS to be genuinely sorry.

    Most people have their non-pology written by their agents, handlers, moms or press wranglers. Say the words in precisely the correct order to leave themselves an out……putting the onus of the offense on “those they done did wrong” instead of on themselves.

    I find it more abhorrent than whatever the original offense is….they aren’t sorry.

    They aren’t even sorry “they got caught”, they have no idea why they should be apologizing in the first place.

    Such is the life of privilege they lead, their transgressions have been excused and swept under the rug from forever ago, they can’t be “wrong” because they are never “wrong” you just misunderstood, misinterpreted, they were joking….

    It is beyond offensive.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Uh okay.

  • bobby

    hey look, something lower than a You-pology.

    did you enjoy your bro-gasm? You really got over there.

    utterly empty snark, like a McDonalds happy meal.

    Try to have some level of discourse, why bother.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Whoa easy fella no need to go postal put down the keyboard and walk away before I’m forced to drop the people’s elbow on ya and remind you that there can be only one. And you ain’t it!

    I did like bro-gasm though.

  • bobby

    What kind of conversation were you expecting after your non-comment?

    Do you talk to yourself while your lactose intolerance kicks in so you can have a 2 way conversation?

    Is there some sort of trophy for being the biggest Di&* around here?

    I expect this from CLE.com…not here.

    K you win, give somebody else a turn.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Oh my someone took off their underoos and put on their big boy drawers I see, nice. You wanna play eh? I wish I had more time to waste on you junior but I give you points for the bro-gasm and the lactose intolerance one wasn’t bad either. You appear to have promise but don’t let it go to your head.

    As for the trophy ya know Craig told me that was a bullet but I thought it was shaped incorrectly. Don’t be jealous perhaps one day you’ll earn one too. I mean I might have a big one but that doesn’t make me a porn star!

    Booby you have a nice day!

  • bobby


    Sweetie, you make no sense, this is like playing chess down at the adult day care

    My having a good day will not rest in your calloused hands.

    Why don’t you quit while you are behind so the adults can have a conversation.

    That “bullet”, you are placing it in the wrong orifice, it is a binkie not a Prep-H.

    Go back to your frat boy guttural utterances

    THIS is the time for the “Um okay”

  • bobby

    Craig, et al.

    Feel free to take it all down.

    I was hoping to have some sort of dialogue, this isn’t that.

    This is just the same tedious, tiresome nonsense that is the internet.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Please don’t call me sweetie until you at least buy me dinner and no, not your McDonald’s Happy Meal.

    I sense alot of anger in you…Fear leads to anger; anger leads to hate; hate leads to suffering!

    Never been a member of a frat to old now unless I create my own like the Will Ferrel classic “Old School.”

    But um okay, have a nice day!

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Just relax go take a dump you’ll feel better. We can talk sports if you like sport, it’ll be okay. If not buh-bye!

  • bobby

    I don’t pony up for the trough darli
    Love your “I know you are but what am I”, repeating what I say back to me comebacks.

    Sorry gave you too much credit thinking you got into college

    Middle aged douche canoe all left behind by the world in moms basement quoting star wars? Really feeling your age of relevancy aren’t you. Still rocking that shoes no sock look poindexter?

    Except Moms lives with you, right? at least that is what your christian mingle profile professes?

    No wonder you have all kinds of time to internet stalk people.

    At least we know why you wont eat a happy meal, spending all day putting them in the little box puts you off your feed don’t it?

  • bobby

    Honey, can you put your mom on the phone please.

    You should not be using naughty words with the adults. Dump is to Shamrock as Target is for his betters.

    Civilized people use the facilities.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Now your just being flat out mean Eminem!

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Now you are just making it personal that’s a shame that you don’t know where the line is drawn. But then again you did mention Cleveland.com so you probably aren’t familiar with overstepping lines. I’m also pretty sure you must be a Browns fan. Yea you are definitely a Browns fan.

  • bobby

    ring ring

    yes, hello

    My I speak to Kettle Please?

    this is kettle

    Kettle this is Pot. Your black

    dial tone.

    I notice you up and down ever thread with something to say to everybody. You made this personal with your nonsense. I try not to say anything when I have nothing to say..

    You seem to think the brown stuff coming out of your mouth is brownie bits instead of what it is.

    See you suggestion above that I divest myself of my prior meal.

  • Tron

    What the hell is wrong with this thread? You guys have no reason to hate each other. You’re not even talking about the podcast.

  • bobby

    I did, see below

    About Cooper’s apology and how public apologies don’t seem to mean anything.

    I then asked/permitted I guess would be kind of a valid word, not that they need my permission……the Mods to take all of it down.

    Then that got vomited on as well.

  • I don’t like what happened with this thread at all. Why did it go so badly?

    Let’s not let it happen again. We like internet conversations in these parts and sometimes it’s hard to read tones. Everyone relax and have fun.

    Starting…… now.

  • I’ll admit that I got all excited when I saw there were 17 comments on my podcast too… lol… alright… still commencing project “start the heck over”

  • bobby

    Craig I apologize…and a real one.

    I will take any time out you desire to pass out.

    I would like to re-post the original if possible, I think it is worth discussing.

    if you don’t I understand.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    My bad Craig I got caught up in a little friendly jest but things quickly turned sour. I decided to quit unlike the other person who thought they’d be clever and mention family members. I should have realized not to feed a troll but it was Monday and I was on a roll. Again my apologies it won’t happen again. The last thing I want to do is muck up a place I visit quite often.

    To bring things back around good job on the Podcasts as always. The one with Les Levine was a favorite. I saw you on his show last week btw. Nightly viewer of his show in fact I almost called in when you were a guest but I prefer to remain anonymous. 😉

  • Harv 21

    Yikes, clean up in aisle Rabb podcast. This was ugly.

  • Steve

    Why did it go so badly? Because you let Scott Raab, the king of disgusting insults, talk. It’s not Raab’s fault that he’s an inconsiderate a-hole (well, maybe it is), its our fault that we keep giving him airtime to set bad examples for everyone else.

  • I know Craig cleaned this up already, but I just want to reiterate this point. Personal attacks/arguments are not allowed here whatsoever. I missed the comments that are deleted, but the ones that still exist are appalling to me. Please try to remember that we are aim to be a community here and while we may not always agree on things and, heck, some of us may not like others, we’re at least going to try not to resort to these types of personal attacks.

  • dimoko

    when did this place become a frat house?

  • dimoko

    but i think if i really say something SUPER offensive about your sister, you will come to my side of the Brad Smelley issue…

  • High comedy.