Ohio State tickets on secondary market are most valuable in conference

As you likely know, Ohio State is number 2 in the AP Poll. What you may not know is that they are also number 2 when it comes to average prices in the secondary ticket market.  Last week our partners over at TiqIQ released their 3rd annual TiqIQ Top 25, which ranks which college football teams have the most expensive ticket prices in the nation.

This is the second consecutive year that Ohio state has opened in the number 2 spot–we’ll call the Meyer effect, as we all knew that a BCS run was not the in cards last year.  The Buckeyes lead all Big Ten Schools in average price, with Ohio State football tickets going for an average price of $246 across the season.  Without a visit from Michigan this year, Wisconsin is the most expensive game of the season, with an average price of $432. The least expensive game is against the Buffalo Bulls, with an average price of $147.

If you want to see the Buckeyes on a budget, the Bulls are definitely your best bet, and you can get in for as little as $30.  Florida A&M and San Diego State will cost you around $80 to get into the Horseshoe. After that, hopefully they’ve worked out all the kinks before games against Wisconsin, Iowa and  Penn State. The cheapest ticket for any of those are around $125.

If you’re interested in checking out the full TiqIQ top 25, we’ve got the full list for you here.

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  • Garry_Owen

    Cool. So why can’t I sell my tix to the SDSU game? Man, it’s frustrating.
    Who wants ’em? Anybody? Anybody? Bueller?

  • left out

    outrageous prices for a COLLEGE football game. im just wondering where all of this money goes. the ncaa and individual schools make incredible amounts of money with little overhead costs. you can only build so many campus buildings and give away so many scholarships. it seems to me that a very small number of people are accumulating vast sums of money.