NFL Rumors: Browns cut Jamoris Slaughter

The team has yet to confirm, but Ian Rapoport is reporting that the Browns have let go of their 6th round draft choice from this year, Jamoris Slaughter.

While it looks like a failure of the draft room, it might be wise to withhold judgement for a minute. Slaughter was recovering from an injury to his achilles and the Browns might feel that that combined with him being a 6th round pick will allow them to get him to their practice squad.

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  • Markn95

    They told us to give Mike Lombardi a “chance” despite his utter lack of history of draft day success. Or because he was basically George Kokinis to Joe Banner’s Eric Mangini. Whatever. Cutting a guy 4 months (and 0 NFL games) after drafting him is inexcusable.

    Rant over.

    P.S. Just how close did third round pick Leon McFadden come to making this list as well? My guess is pretty damn close.

  • paulbip

    “While it looks like a failure in the draft room…” What a homer. It was a total failure and I still rank this draft as a F. Wouldn’t one of those stud OG,s in the draft look good now rather than a part time situational pass rusher.