NFL News: Mingo not expected to be placed on IR

First round draft pick Barkevious Mingo had been limited in his activity since suffering a bruised lung in the second preseason game against the Lions.

At first, it appeared that Mingo wouldn’t miss much time at all, but as days and practices went by without Mingo being cleared to do any activity, speculation grew that the former LSU Tiger might miss more time as Terry Pluto wrote in his weekly Sunday notes column this week.

“Yes, Barkevious Mingo’s absence with a bruised lung is a big deal. The Browns won’t say that because what are they supposed to do about it? He’s not going to play for a while. Could be weeks, could be more than that.

Bruised lungs are not a common injury, and it’s impossible to make a reasonable guess about his return. But this much is certain — the coaches loved how he was playing.” [Pluto/Cleveland.com]

Today, coach Rob Chudzinski was asked if the team was planning to put him on the injured reserve list.

“No. He’s doing better. He continues to be monitored. He is actually going to run a little bit today, so we’re looking forward to seeing that.”

When asked if he would be ready for the opener, coach Chudzinski said “We have no timetable. We will just have to see how he progresses and how he heals. It’s really just an individual thing, from individual to individual, on how they heal.”

The Browns still have roster moves to make to get to the mandatory 75 player limit this afternoon.

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  • Harv 21

    never imagined IR was a possibility for Mingo. Because that position is deep he’s in a perfect spot to be rotated in slowly while he regains his conditioning.

  • mgbode

    nor should you have. the most pessimistic speculation from doctors was saying 2 months on the long end of things.

  • Roosevelt

    Makes me think of a joke I just heard: What’s red and invisible?

    No tomatoes.

    There is no such thing as no timetable. The only people who have no timetable are those who haven’t been born yet. It would be much more helpful to say, “sometime in the first half of the season,” or “we think there’s a chance he could miss the entire season”. What would it take for a reporter to pursue this? It seems to be a pretty straightforward question, especially considering it’s about our only “big” draft pick this year.

  • BenRM

    Dear Terry Pluto,

    A quick google search shows that a bruised lung takes anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks to heal, with symptoms persisting upwards of 6 months. So, actually, it’s pretty easy to make a reasonable guess as to when Mingo will be ready to play.

    Stop telling us the sky is falling. I know this is Cleveland, but sometimes the sky is just fine.