More on the Cleveland Browns acquisition of John Moffitt

Moffitt 3The Browns acquired John Moffitt yesterday for Brian Sanford to help shore up their offensive line. This was certainly a good idea considering the injuries sustained to Jason Pinkston and Shawn Lauvao recently. So the Browns acquired a lineman entering his third season with 17 career games played and 15 starts to his name. Most importantly though, what can he bring to the Browns right now?

I took a look at ProFootballFocus for a little more info and first thing I notice is that he’s seemingly much better at right guard than at left guard. In 2012 as a right guard, Moffitt’s overall rating for the season was -0.50 and his rating at left guard was -5.8. Moffitt had bad games against the Jets and Bears as a left guard, with the Bears being his worst performance of the season scoring a -4.5. Most of that negative rating comes from run blocking. So, we’ll have to see where the Browns line him up.

Another note – and take this with a grain of salt – but Moffitt’s worst game as a pro came against the Bengals. He was a rookie in 2011 going against the Bengals in week eight as a starter. He scored a -10.5 for the game including -6.9 for pass blocking and -3.4 for run blocking.

Then again, this was a game that Charlie Whitehurst started at quarterback and went so badly that Marshawn Lynch was screaming at his coaches on the sidelines. I glanced at some of the game film and saw that Moffitt was frequently tortured by Peko, Sims and Geno Atkins. Sometimes advanced stats say something about a player’s performance and other times it can miss some important factors in a game. In this case, Moffitt had a rough game as a rookie when everything else was pretty much going wrong around him as well.

Not to say that moving from Seattle to Cleveland is a step up for John Moffitt, but you have to think playing in between Alex Mack and Mitchell Schwartz isn’t such a bad fate for a guard. But that’s all just the football stuff.

Moffitt is a known character with personality to spare. He has weird pictures all over the Internet including one of him dressed as a Hooter’s waitress. Also, he missed some OTAs for a court appearance in 2012. It appears that Moffitt enjoys drinking in bars at malls and might even have a penchant for urinating in parking lots. If he doesn’t work out on the field, he’ll feel right at home in the Muni Lot, I’m sure.

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  • Kildawg

    This is currently our starting RG. He would look better at LG next to Alex Mack and college teammate Joe Thomas (the guy that should help keep Moffitt out of trouble).

  • Harv 21

    Seems like a delightful guy. But how many good o-linemen exude personality, as opposed to sober responsibility?

    Ah, who cares. If they find something better in the final cut dumpster bin Moffitt may end up being here all of 3 weeks. His sole job is to keep Weeden upright and Trent in one piece until the first and second teamers return.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Yea let Joe harness the extra abundant personality.

  • mgbode

    and I think he’s the leader in the clubhouse for fan favorite if he even performances mediocre in the last 2 preseason contests.

    (also: important to note that he had knee and elbow injuries his first 2 seasons in the NFL)

  • JHop

    I officially rescind my harsh statements from yesterday on Moffitt.

    Although now I’m torn. Who do I root for in the battle for the last starting guard spot: the newcomer with the funny pictures or the lovable ginger?

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Is it too much to hope that the Browns keep both guys and send Lauvao packing?

  • Garry_Owen

    The guy that road grades.

  • Garry_Owen

    At this pace, we may need all 3.

  • paulbip

    sounds like a jerk to me.

  • mgbode

    as long as he’s stout

  • Garry_Owen

    With a motor.

  • mgbode

    stout motoring road grader who battles

  • mgbode

    we do need a FB

  • Garry_Owen

    I really like this guy.

  • mgbode

    all the hope and speculation on a middling stop-gap OG who happens to double as a hilarious antic-man are for naught.

    rescinding the trade? are they allowed to do that to us? Booooooooooo!!!!

    (and here I thought we had our new lovable crazy)

  • hutch058
  • humboldt

    darn, we’re never going to see him ‘flash’ in Cleveland