Browns, Contest

Contest time! Win a pair of Browns tickets!!

Browns helmet

The preseason is behind us, and the Cleveland Browns are ready (hopefully) for the regular season.

To get you ready for the season we are giving away a pair of tickets to the October 3rd game against the Buffalo Bills!

To enter, leave a comment on this post answering the question of the day. Make sure that the email address you use to comment is correct, as the winner will be notified via email. One entry per household please. The winner will have to pick up the tickets at will call, so don’t enter if you don’t plan to attend!

Today’s question- Who is your favorite Cleveland Brown of all time?

Comments must be made before midnight Cleveland time on Monday, September 2nd.

Good luck!

  • Tim K.

    Who is your favorite Cleveland Brown of all time?

    While I love Bernie, I don’t think I’m old enough (26) to really remember his glory years. Therefore, I’ll pick someone from the last couple years–Josh Cribbs. I think he embodied the scrappiness I love seeing in Cleveland athletes.

  • Brian

    Phil Dawson.

  • Kunal

    Who is your favorite Cleveland Brown of all time?

    Phil Dawson!

  • Rick

    Youngstown’s Own, Bernie Kosar

  • Doug Johnson

    Clay Matthews!

  • Michele

    Ozzie Newsome

  • TSR3000

    Bernie Kosar.

  • c taylor

    Favorite Cleveland Brown of all time is Eric Metcalf.

  • John Gilliland

    My favorite Cleveland Brown of all time is Ozzie Newsome.

  • Pablo Gundy

    Webster Slaughter! So hard to pick though, Pruitts, Byner, Dixon/Minnifield, Kosar, Mack, Ozzie, etc…. Although I don’t forgive Ozzie for being a Raven.

  • Garry_Owen

    Brian Brennan. Hands down. (And up, and sideways, always catching the ball.)

  • John

    So many close choices. Newsome, Brennan, Sipe, Eddie Johnson, Bernie Kosar, Metcalf, Mike Pruitt, Dick Ambrose, Thom Darden, Dixon, Minnifield, Dave Logan, Clay Matthews,
    I can’t decide all of the above

  • Rick

    Frank Ryan Mr. Brains

  • Ezzie Goldish

    As much as I was trying to come up with someone else, I just keep coming back to Bernie Kosar. There’s something about watching him come to the line, pick up his knee like he was trying to get out cobwebs, make his reads, and then go back to pass – letting go at all kinds of weird angles around outstretched hands – and hitting Webster Slaughter or Brian Brennan or even Michael Jackson that was magical.

    I still remember going to that first game after his release. The outpouring of emotion at that game was second only to the ones after the move was announced.

  • DieHardHomer

    Ironically, there are so many “fan favorites” to choose from, if not many pro-bowlers. If only to be different: Webster Slaughter.

  • Jon Reka

    Ozzie Newsome

  • Jonathan Dennis

    Phil Dawson.

  • Ryan

    Gotta go with the new school hall of famer: Joe Thomas! Solid as a rock!

  • Aaron

    Favorite Brown is Otto Graham

  • Jaker

    Otto Graham is my favorite Cleveland Brown of all time. I never saw him play, but he was a Champion and is widely regarded as one of the best ever.

  • Brian

    Scott Player – his mustache/facemask combo demanded respect

  • Craig Obringer

    Eric Metcalf

  • Kevin

    #21 Eric Metcalf. Two returns to beat Pittsburgh!

  • Wesley Loose

    Eric Metcalfe

  • Cleveland Chick

    Phil Awesome Dawson

  • PlymouthDawg

    Who is your favorite Cleveland Brown of all time? I have many favorites, but at the top of the list is the Mahoning Valley’s own PAUL WARFIELD (from Warren and The Ohio State University).

  • Bob Pawlowski

    My favorite Cleveland Brown of all time is Kevin Mack. I remember having season tickets back in the mid through late 1980’s and it was just plain fun watching Mack run by, around, but mostly through defenders. Seeing Greg Lloyd of the steelers get carried off the field after trying to tackle Mack typified his running style. Sheer power coupled with a burst of acceleration around the edge or straight up the middle, that was fun to watch, the Mack Attach.

  • Jerry

    Greg Pruitt

  • Jon Cook

    Bernie Kosar! He pulled shenanigans to play for the Browns…his favorite team. He rocked a frullet, threw side arm and still led the team to beat the Steelers…

  • Jamie Occhionero

    Brian Brennan!! Class act!

  • Bre

    JOSH CRIBBS!!!!!!!!!

  • BOOP


  • Carl

    Eric Metcalf was awesome.

  • Carl

    It was nice seeing Chris Spielman in a Browns uni too even though it was for a very short time.