Colt McCoy agrees to pay cut, wins backup spot for 49ers

It may not have much to do with the Cleveland Browns anymore, but I still love following the news about former Browns that we pinned hopes and dreams to at various times. Colt McCoy has apparently been named the backup to Colin Kaepernick in San Francisco as of yesterday, but that wasn’t the real news as far as I was concerned.

Among all the quotes about Colt McCoy failing to meet, let alone exceed expectations and struggling to pick up the offense, there was this little tidbit.

It was a big weekend for the quarterback, who helped his chances of staying by agreeing to a pay cut as well.

Earlier in the year, Yahoo! reported that Colt McCoy had played enough in the 2012 NFL season to exercise some contract escalators. That took his cap number in 2013 and made it $2.325 million. Of course he was then traded from a team flush with cap space to one at a very different cap cycle with highly compensated players all over the field. Additionally Colin Kaepernick – signed through 2014 – is set to have a cap number of $1.398 million in this upcoming season as the starter. The former 2011 second rounder will presumably cash in at some point, but wouldn’t it have been comical if he was in a situation where it would make logical sense for Colt McCoy to pick up the tab at a restaurant on the road this season?

The rumors on Twitter have it that McCoy reworked his deal so that he will only make the veteran minimum of $630,000 and has a chance to earn some money back if he’s active and plays. This being the NFL where guys can get cut at almost any time, $630,000 is far (far) better than $0. Plus there was the added pressure of the 49ers signing Seneca Wallace last week, so it probably made all sorts of sense for the former Texas Longhorn.

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  • BenRM

    This isn’t a fair competition. Colt has to take a pay cut AND he’s not getting enough first team reps. I call bulldung!

  • Natedawg86

    More importantly what does Brad have to say about this?

  • JHop

    From a 49ers standpoint the move makes no sense. Colt has a completely different playing style from Kaepernick, so in the event of injury, they’ll have to revamp the entire offensive scheme. Wouldn’t it make more sense for San Francisco to focus on similar QBs?

    Unless the pay cut + naming Colt as back up combo is merely a ploy to make him better trade bait…

  • mgbode

    49ers had Alex Smith / Kaepernick combo last year. Colt is a poor man’s Alex Smith. So, they have dealt with the situation before.

  • JHop

    But it isn’t ideal. Wouldn’t it make more sense for them to have someone like Thaddeus Lewis or (can’t believe I’m saying this) Seneca Wallace as their #2?

  • mgbode

    Is Seneca any better at rushing than Colt?

    Ideal would have been for them to sign Vince Young. I didn’t want us doing it because I don’t think we have the veterans and top-QB to handle him as a backup, but SF does.

  • BuckeyeDawg

    He’s not getting a fair shake. He definitely needs to start the next 30 games or so so we can find out how good he REALLY is.

  • Mike P

    Hey, yeah that’s funny! Lets keep giving Weeden chances though. He looks good, with all those wins, completion percentage, etc.