Cleveland Browns training camp comes to a close with a fiery practice

RB Jamaine Cook of Middleburg Heights was back in a Browns uniform Sunday.

RB Jamaine Cook of Middleburg Heights was back in a Browns uniform Sunday.

The Browns officially finished training camp over the weekend. Obviously the team is still practicing and preparing for the season, but they have been dismissed from the team hotel and are now free to go home after practice each night.

Barkevious Mingo was released from the hospital Saturday morning and was on the field observing practices Saturday and Sunday. “I’m feeling great, feeling really good,” Mingo said Saturday. “I tried to get out early yesterday, but they wouldn’t let me, but they’re just be very cautious. They don’t want anything to happen the day after or whatever.”

Mingo went on to say that he doesn’t think there will be any lingering issues. “[My] Ribs are perfect,” he said. “There’s no pain, no bruising. I’m not sore. It kind of took the doctors by surprise too.”

Mingo said that he was short of breath after running the first few special teams plays against the Lions. He asked the training staff about it when he couldn’t catch his breath, and that’s when they began monitoring his symptoms. He did spit up a little blood on the sidelines, and the staff decided he better go get checked out. He isn’t sure exactly when he will return, but the consensus seems to be that it won’t be this week. It’s a wait and see at this point.

At Saturday’s practice, defensive back Trevin Wade came down on his shoulder while making an interception and was injured. He left the field and went into the facility. He was not at practice on Sunday.

Coming back from injury Sunday was WR David Nelson. Nelson hasn’t been an active participant in 11-on-11 drills since July 28th by my observations. He told the media Sunday that he has been sidelined with a bruised knee. It is a separate injury than the surgically repaired ACL injury. Nelson said he is ahead of schedule from the ACL recovery.

“Obviously everybody is different and every prognosis is different but we’re definitely ahead of schedule,” Nelson confirmed. “I’m pushing the envelope. I’m trying to do everything I can to be in there and be ready to go this game. I’m letting coach and the trainers dictate whatever they want to.”

If the Browns can get Nelson back on the field healthy, it would be a big help to the offense while Josh Gordon is suspended the first two weeks of the season.

Garrett Gilkey worked with the first team line at the right guard spot, replacing Jason Pinkston who will miss four to six weeks with his ankle injury. Shaun Lauvao is recovering from his ankle injury and arthroscopic surgery. The last report we heard about his timetable would put him out the first two or three games of the season as well. The door of opportunity is wide open for Gilkey. Oniel Cousins was back to practice and also working at right guard.

We did not see Montario Hardesty this weekend. He had arthroscopic surgery on his knee Thursday before the preseason game against the Lions. With Dion Lewis out for most of, if not the entire season, the Browns brought back RB Jamaine Cook on Friday for a private workout, along with Steve Slaton, formerly of the Houston Texans. Cook was given Kentrone Walker’s roster spot on Sunday and practiced with the team.

Cook graduated from nearby Midpark High School in Middleburg Heights. He became Youngstown State’s second leading rusher in career yards and scored 36 touchdowns with the Penquins.

Sunday night the team was in full pads for the final practice. There was a lot of hitting, but most of the interesting action took place after the whistles had blown.

Wide receiver Tori Gurley got tangled up with linebacker Tank Carder in a special teams drill and kind of lost it. He took swings at Carder and also at Billy Winn who was coming either to break the fight up or help out his defensive teammate depending on your point of view. Winn and Gurley ended up helmet-less and Gurley was dancing around Winn like a boxer. Head coach Rob Chudzinski came over to the drill and escorted Gurley away from the special teams area. Gurley did not participate in any of the drills or team scrimmages following the incident.

He wasn’t the only player to take out some frustration on a teammate. Defensive lineman Nicolas Jean-Baptiste got into a skirmish with offensive lineman Martin Wallace during a blocking drill. The 330 pound defender from Baylor ripped off Martin’s helmet and swung wildly at him with it. Martin was ejected from his drill as well.

“Last day of practice, we’re having fun,” said Carder. “We’re just competing and that’s all it really was. It could happen at anytime really, it’s just us out there competing and getting heated and guys just going through five weeks, so it gets heated and that’s just football you know.”

It may be too strong of a coincidence that the players who started the skirmishes (Gurley and Jean-Baptiste) are likely feeling the pressure of roster cuts coming up after the Indianapolis game. The team was also in full pads going at it for the first time in a while at practice.

Trent Richardson was a full participant in practice over the weekend, which is a good sign following his first preseason action on Thursday. Richardson had a few fans at practice Sunday. While practices are now closed to the general public, a few corporate partners brought some fans over the weekend. One family had Trent Richardson and Barkevious Mingo giant cardboard cut-out head masks. Richardson saw the sign and couldn’t help but laugh. The image was his Alabama freshman year photo in a suit and tie.

Jordan Norwood did not practice over the weekend. Neither did wide receiver Naaman Roosevelt. Rookie defensive backs Leon McFadden and Jamoris Slaughter were back in action however. If Trevin Wade is out for any length of time, they will be needed.

(Photo: Rick Grayshock/WFNY)

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