Chris Perez speaks on his stance with the media: “I have different priorities now”

This year since I’ve came back, I haven’t talked to the media… It is what it is. I have different priorities now. I think maybe some of it last year was a little bit of taking advantage of what I was doing in being an All-Star and trying to be a leader because we didn’t really have anybody that talked last year. […] I speak my mind, that’s just who I am. It’s also a learning experience. There’s some better times when you don’t need to speak it all of the time, but I am who I am. I think that’s why I’ve success in my role. I have that kind of attitude. I don’t like it when the world is against me, but when I feel my back is against the wall, that’s usually when I pitch my best. Going back to last year after I called out everybody, I pitched good. This year coming back from an injury and an off-the-field issue, I’ve pitched good. I don’t know why. I wish I could take that every game instead of having people doubt me or whatever to get me get me going, I wish I could just do it. But for whatever reason that’s when I seem to play the best.

— Cleveland Indians closer Chris Perez, in an interview with 247Sports on why he has decided to stop speaking to the media this season. The two-time All-Star has drawn a range of criticism for his outspoken nature coupled with recent off-field issues involving a marijuana arrest. Perez acknowledged that that he only way he can win back support and good will is by doing his job. “Unfortunately that’s the easiest way,” he said. “There has been a lot worse things that have happened and probably going to be a lot worse that do happen, but fans are forgiving as long as you come back and do your job.”

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  • MrCleaveland

    Oh poor me. Everybody hates me. But that’s okay because I can take it, I can overcome it, and I can thrive on it — or at least I can brag that I can.

    What a narcissist.

  • WayneEmbrysKids

    I hope he gets it together

  • Jason Hurley

    “Except when I pitch like crap. People clearly didn’t hate me enough at that moment, so the blown saves are your fault, Cleveland.”

  • JHop

    He better. With Pestano pitching the way he has recently, I have no idea who they’d promote to the closer role.

  • FearTheRoo

    I honestly couldn’t care less if he talked to reporters. Just find a way to get the job done. And really the whole team is to blame for this slump. The hitting has been beyond terrible. If they can’t get motivated for the biggest series of the season, nothing is going to do it.

  • Harv 21

    the last two losses were not caused by lack of motivation.

  • Steve

    And Cleveland fans continue to prove Perez is correct. Everyone hates him, and he still pitches well despite that.

  • nj0

    Nothing wins over the local media like refusing to talk to them while giving interviews to an out of state of media outlet. Good to know that the Walrus found some work as Chris’s media consultant.

  • nj0

    According to him, he doesn’t pitch well. He pitches good. Go U!

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Very true but how shocking that an athlete have a diva complex!

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Kind of funny he talks about keeping his mouth shut no? All he needed to do was temper his public tantrums and learn to avoid Twitter. Instead he turns it into another soap opera by creating a story line of a problem with a couple reporters. A couple of reporters who have been here before Perez and who will probably be here after Perez. Imagine if he played in New York or Boston or Chicago. Brody would be getting packages left and right probably.

  • Steve

    I’m perfectly fine with the U forgoing English classes for baseball training in his case.

  • Steve

    This seems to be a buddy from back when he pitched in college. Not that the local media and fans need another reason to pile on.

  • Matt S

    I kind-of hate when people respond to criticism with “it is what it is” or “that’s just who I am”. So that interview is a tad frustrating in that sense. But I’m actually okay with Perez going silent this year. He’s made himself a target and a sideshow before, and I’m okay with him quieting down the noise and letting the team/media focus more on the games.

    I’d much rather see an article whining about Chris Perez not answering questions than yet ANOTHER article talking about how Chris Perez has made some bone-headed comments about the team/front office/fans. Because let’s be realistic, that really all people are hoping for when they interview him. They know he’s not the type to give the generic Bull Duhram-esque responses. It’s better for all involved that he goes mum.