While We’re Waiting… The best video of the year so far

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Clevelanders Dartanyon Crockett and Leroy Sutton. This video is 21 minutes long. It will be the best 21 minutes you spend watching anything today. Carry On. [ESPN Features]


“They ask themselves the question in the Indians’ front office, and the fact that it’s a question at all gives us a hint at the answer: Is this rotation good enough? Good enough to outlast the Tigers in the American League Central race? Good enough to survive a postseason series?

Going into the season, there was simply not enough track record or tangible upside to label the rotation anything other than a work in progress. And there has been progress, no question.” [Castrovince/]


“Thomas is in the prime of his career as he enters his seventh season of the league and he is playing at an incredibly high level. He is either at the top or the second highest rated tackle in the entire NFL and the only spot people will occasionally nitpick Thomas is with his run blocking. Thomas is the prototypical blindside protector but he is not a dominant blocker in the running game. He is good, but not great. So, on one side of the line, the Browns have arguably the best in the business who is on track to have a bust in Canton someday. Now, Schwartz is entering the second of his career and his second season as a right tackle. He has a good knowledge of how the league works and has a great sense of how to play the position. With an offseason to work and improve, he should only get better in his sophomore campaign. The result is the Browns have a fantastic set of bookends. The question is where do they rank league-wide and how good they can get?” [Smith/Dawg Pound Daily]


A new film room on Bademosi- “All in all, Johnson Bademosi is a very gifted football player with extremely high upside. It is evident when watching Bademosi’s special teams contributions that he has lots of talent and he could certainly bring some value at the free safety position in the Browns’ new defense. Bademosi is a much better fit at safety than at cornerback in my opinion so it was a smart move by the team’s new coaching staff to try him at a new position.

In my last Browns Film Room piece, I took a look at Bademosi’s competition at the free safety position; Tashaun Gipson. Although I would say that Bademosi is the more talented football player, Gipson has experience at the position on his side so it is hard to tell which player will win the job. At this point, I am not sure which player will be the Browns’ starting free safety when week one rolls around, but I do know that it will a fun battle to watch throughout training camp and the preseason.” [Leister/Draft Browns]


“If all goes according to Dennis Molfese’s plan, the day is coming when a football player who takes a hit to the head will come to the sideline, take off his helmet and slip on an electrode-covered mesh cap. The team’s medical staff will analyze the player’s brain waves on the spot and determine within minutes whether he can safely return to the game or whether he has sustained a concussion and, if so, how severe.” [ESPN]

  • mgbode

    Samardzija was mentioned in the article. Is he really for sale? I’d love to have an above average SP (SP2/3) who is controlled through the 2015 season. I just have a hard time believing the Cubs would consider shipping him unless someone really overpayed for him. SO/BB ratio of 3:1 is really nice over the last 2 seasons.

  • mgbode

    MLB-TR is saying the following on Samardzija:

    “Olney also reports that Arizona had brief discussions with the Cubs regarding Samardzija. When the Cubs inquired into the availability of top Dbacks prospects Archie Bradley and Tyler Skaggs, however, the clubs ceased their talks.”

  • Natedawg86

    Can we give them White and Polmerez?

  • mgbode

    haha. nice.

    I actually think we need to bring up Phelps and hope he has a hot streak. We need to have something of high-level value to give back (and I don’t think Marson is going to do it).

  • boomhauertjs

    I watched that ESPN piece last night and it brought tears to my eyes. I’m as big a Worldwide Leader critic as anyone, but that was some great stuff.