Training Camp: Chudzinski comments on Dion Lewis, screen-passing game

After yesterday’s practice, Browns Head Coach Rob Chudzinski spoke on many different topics, focusing first on injured offensive lineman Ryan Miller. He did, however, mention running back Dion Lewis, a newcomer in the offseason via a trade with Philadelphia.

“I think I’m just learning. He’s a guy that we haven’t seen a lot. Running backs really tend to show more when the pads come on. You see their running skills and the blocking schemes develop a little bit better. Like you saw today, with pads on it’s a lot different. We will continue to look at him as well as all of those guys. We will put them in situations so they can show what they can do.”

Lewis was a fifth-round pick in 2011 out of Pittsburgh, and in two previous seasons with the Eagles, he has carried 36 times for 171 yards (4.75 yards per carrier). He was traded for linebacker Emmanuel Acho in the offseason.

Chudzinski added on the use of the screen game:

“It was something that was in our installation today. After a few days, we get those guys rushing up the field so much. Screens have always been something that Norv has really excelled, teams that Norv has coached. I have been fortunate to be around Norv and learn a thing or two about screens.”

Lewis will be in the mix with Montario Hardesty, Chris Ogbonnaya, and Brandon Jackson behind Trent Richardson on the running back depth chart.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Screen pass what is this play called a screen pass? 😉

  • Vindictive_Pat

    I think I remember that play from last season… that’s the one where nobody blocks anybody and the ball gets thrown at the defensive linemen’s hands right?

  • woofersus

    It’s the play you telegraph by only running in certain situations and with a very specific personnel package.

    I’ll never forget a preaseason game when Bernie Kosar saw a pre-snap alignment and commented that they were going to run a screen play, and that it wasn’t going to work. Bingo. (he may look and sound like a mess these days, but the man can read a defense)

  • maxfnmloans

    its when you line Alex Smith up at fullback and throw the ball at his shoe tops

  • Better than last season’s highly used play of the Skrine pass.

  • Hopwin

    If I remember correctly that’s the guaranteed 20 yard play offenses throw up against our defense.

  • Ryan318

    of course the back-ups will all ride the bench as Richardson gets beat to death with hand-off after hand-off. How many times will we see first and 10…hand off up the middle to Richardson for a gain of 2? Remember Byner and Mack? Ever think of using a 2 back backfield???

  • MallaLubba


  • RGB

    Bring back Metcalf up the middle!