Scott Raab on the Tribe, Jarret Jack and the Cavs, David Dellucci and more – WFNY Podcast – 2013-07-07

WFNY Podcast LogoScott is on deadline and holed up in a hotel because the power has been spotty at his own house, but he made time for me anyway.

  • Writing to a deadline
  • Can anyone call you chief without pissing you off?
  • The players only meeting
  • Going through the motions in the first few games against the Tigers
  • Don Zimmer and Ricky Ledee and how he was too frightened to do well
  • Is this Indians team worthy of investing in at the trade deadline?
  • Record against the AL East is bad
  • Corey Kluber was the first one to pitch past the sixth inning in fourteen games?
  • Jarrett Jack signing is good for the Cavaliers
  • Earl Clark and his giant small forward status
  • Joe Lull talking wingspan “does he block shots with his forehead?”
  • Has anyone ever had a team this loaded with draft picks?
  • Flirting with D-League players over the last three years
  • David Dellucci, Trot Nixon, and Semih Erden
  • Scott Kazmir and Brett Myers
  • Jimmy Haslam and the NFL being concerned about Jimmy Haslam
  • Tony Rizzo and his anonymous email about the Browns being for sale again
  • Roger Goodell and his penchant for being crazy
  • The Plain Dealer as the voice of the city’s sports fans
  • UFC and how Jen and I watch
  • Scott’s next project writing about the opening of The Freedom Tower

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