NFL Rumor: Fullback Owen Marecic’s roster status in jeopardy

Owen Marecic, the only pure fullback on the Cleveland Browns roster, is in jeopardy of losing his spot on the team’s roster, reports the Akron Beacon Journal’s Nate Ulrich.

Marecic, 24, was drafted in the fourth round in 2011 as a fullback/linebacker hybrid out of Stanford. He joined the franchise as a highly regarded and very versatile player with great work ethic.

During the 2012 season, Marecic eventually was demoted to the inactive roster as he struggled with blocking for running back Trent Richardson and dropped all four of his passing targets. Alex Smith, a natural tight end, eventually took over his spot and then left the team in free agency this offseason. Marecic played in 10 games with two starts.

Ulrich’s depth chart listed journeyman running back Chris Ogbonnaya and natural H-back Brad Smelley as contenders at the fullback position. It’s one of the weakest spots on the Browns roster, but Marecic has not yet done enough to lock down a starting position. This will be a huge training camp for his future status as a Brown.

Lawrence Vickers was voted by WFNY readers as the most successful fullback in the team’s revised history back in February 2012. Marecic, then after just one season, received a few votes as well. Vickers was not retained by the team that offseason and the 30-year-old was recently released by the Dallas Cowboys.

Also on the NFL landscape, one of the league’s other premier fullbacks, Vonta Leach, recently was cut by the Baltimore Ravens. The Browns had reached out to the 31-year-old initially, but were never that interested in signing him, Ulrich reported previously. There is a possibility he returns to Baltimore, while Miami, Houston and the Giants remain in the mix.

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  • Vindictive_Pat

    “Owen, we just got finished looking at your game tape. What would you say you do here?”

    Marecic is about to get Bob’d.

  • mgbode

    Owen: Well look, I already told you! I deal with the dang reporters so the skill guys don’t have to! I have people skills! I am good at dealing with
    people! Can’t you understand that? What the hell is wrong with you

  • Harv 21

    Please stop shoehorning St. Lawrence into every fullback discussion. We know what you’re doing. We’ve heard ad nauseum what happened since the infamous day Heckert stubbornly refused to accede to his multiyear contract demand: no Super Bowl, no playoffs, no winning seasons, Peyton Hillis up and left, quarterbacks struggled, receivers sucked, Shurmur clowned, Haden came down with off-season ADHD and Marecic’s hands became ball kryptonite. Stop picking that scab already. Let’s move on. Please.

  • mgbode

    perhaps this will help. not only is Vickers a 30yo FB who has been on 3 teams in 3 years, but he also is recovering from an April back surgery:


  • woofersus

    Perhaps they can just move his locker out to the equipment shed and stop paying him. He’ll figure it out eventually.

  • mgbode

    just don’t take his swingline. we don’t need to see Berea in flames (unless it’s by the torches of Harv and Garry).

  • hutch058

    Good – Marecic is not good at football

  • BenRM

    But, but, but…we’d have made the playoffs if we had only signed Lawrence Vickers and Lee Evans!!!!


  • Harv 21

    Nothing helps! Back injury is related to his HEARTBREAK at being forced out of Cleveland (or “not being retained” as Jacob euphemisms, or not getting the increased salary + guaranteed money + years he demanded as football moron haters say). He’s not the same, we’re not the same. Lesson learned, Messrs. Lombardi and Banner?

  • maxfnmloans

    don’t forget, we also needed to draft Jake Locker and Ryan Mallet

  • BenRM

    How could I forget!?! I hope that Mallet goes back to school this year so we can draft him next year. He’s “the guy” with “moxie” and “poise” and “intangibles” that we’ve been looking for. Don’t forget, he’s a winner.

    …for whom we’ve been looking?

  • mgbode

    we will live to regret not giving the Patriots the #6 pick for Ryan Mallett

    just look at the “clutchness” factor he exhibits:

  • tommy

    I personally think we should give Brad Smelley a chance. I loved his work with Trent in college.

  • boomhauertjs

    I heard the Browns already tried to give Marecic his walking papers, but he dropped them.

  • TSR3000

    This is a great sign from the new coaching staff.

  • Jaker

    Tom Heckert: I’ve made a huge mistake…