D’Qwell Jackson: Josh Gordon is running out of “lives”

No matter how many bodies you put in front of him or people who speak to him, Josh has to be willing to make a change for himself. I could talk to him all day if I wanted to. [Coach Rob Chudzinski] could talk to him all day if he wanted to, but it’s not going to do any good unless he takes that next step. […] He doesn’t have that many lives left. He’s got one more time to really straighten things up before he’s got to leave. I think he is starting to realize that. If he wants to last in this league and be successful and productive and have his word mean anything to anyone over his career I think right now would be the time to straighten those things out.

— Cleveland Browns veteran linebacker D’Qwell Jackson, in an exclusive phone interview with Tom Reed of The Cleveland Plain Dealer, discussing teammate Josh Gordon. Gordon has recently drawn some ire from Cleveland fans and coaches alike for missteps ranging from a two-game suspension for the violation of NFL drug policy to stirring up the fan base on Twitter. Gordon, who failed multiple drug tests in college, is reportedly one failed test away from missing a year of NFL action. Gordon’s rookie season saw him produce at a level that had him among the top 1o in per-catch yardage. He recently told reporters that he endeavors to be the team’s No. 1 receiving option going forward.

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  • Harv 21

    interesting that, unlike his college coaches, none of his teammates are giving us the “he’s a really good guy” routine. And they would know more about any gap between his public statements and private behavior than anyone else who’s been quoted.

  • Wait, what? Sports? Integrity? I’m confused.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Has to be frustrating for a veteran like DQ who has had to battle back from so many injuries to watch a young and talented kid like Gordon make such idiotic mistakes.

  • Natedawg86

    So, what you are saying is that this is his last life, and if he loses it, it will be game over with no continues?

  • bupalos

    Yeah, when the purple drank came into the picture I had a feeling we were looking at a total loss. Going to media and saying this sounds like a last desperate attempt at intervention. This isn’t some toss-off; DQ and probably other players have to think it needs to be said.

  • saggy

    DQ is the leader of this team. If he says or does something I am sure he has his reasons. Sounds like Gordon really is on his last chance.

  • thenoclist


  • davelb87

    These are the types of stories you hate to hear. Worse than the behavior itself is the complete disconnect between his actions and their consequences. When (if) this kid’s head is on straight he can be one of the team’s most lethal offensive weapons since ’99. If he blows this, there is nobody to blame but himself…I have little sympathy for people who allow their own stupid behavior to waste their talents and the time/money that others invest in them.