NBA Summer League: Cavaliers earn the 7th seed; play San Antonio Thursday

For the first time, the Las Vegas Summer League is holding a tournament. Each of the 22 teams played three preliminary games used for the purpose of seeding the tournament. The Cavaliers went 2-1 in those games and earned the 7th seed. From the league-

“The participating 22 teams have each completed three games since the summer classic tipped off on July 12. Based on the outcome of those games, the teams are seeded 1-22 for the single elimination tournament that culminates in a championship game on July 22. Each team will compete in at least two more contests; a minimum of one game in the single elimination tournament, and the other in a consolation game if the team loses a game on either July 17 or July 18.

Teams seeded 11-22 will compete on Wednesday, with the winners of those contests advancing in the tournament to play Thursday against teams seeded 1-10, who earned a first-round “bye.” Teams on losing Wednesday and Thursday will play on Friday. The single elimination tournament resumes on Saturday with a champion being crowned on July 22. Seeding for the tournament was determined by won-loss records. Ties were broken using quarter-points and then point differential to determine the seedings.”

Here are the seeds-

1. Golden State, 2. Chicago, 3. Phoenix, 4. D-League Select, 5. Charlotte, 6. Toronto, 7. Cleveland, 8. LA Lakers, 9. Milwaukee, 10. San Antonio, 11. New Orleans, 12. Washington, 13. Minnesota, 14. Atlanta, 15. New York, 16. Dallas, 17. LA Clippers, 18. Miami, 19. Portland, 20. Sacramento, 21. Memphis, 22. Denver

The top half of the league earned a first round bye, so the Cavaliers will play San Antonio on Thursday. If the Cavaliers win, they advance to play the winner of the Chicago vs Miami/New York match-up.

If they lose to San Antonio they will play a consolation game against the loser of Milwaukee vs the Lakers.

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  • mgbode

    a win here will get SA back for 2007, right?

  • WayneEmbrysKids

    Honestly I was hoping the Cavs would be playing today.

  • @TheDeePagel

    Very cool idea by the NBA.

  • jaker

    Really wish we could see Bennett/Karasev in the summer league. Don’t get me wrong, i’m glad that AB is rehabbing the injury and not getting injured, but it’d be cool to see Bennett, Waiters, Karasev, Zeller, Felix and a few of the possible 15th man guys. Would’ve been a pretty awesome squad for a Summer League Tourny

  • Captain Kidd

    I am a nervous wreck.

  • Ben Frambaugh

    Absolutely! This will show that we are the team on the rise…and they are clearly failing miserably moving forward.

  • Harv 21

    We’re finally outta the lottery – woohoo!!