NBA Rumor: Cavs considering amnesty claim on Mike Miller

The Cavaliers are considering making a amnesty waiver claim on Miami Heat guard Mike Miller, as reported by Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski earlier this evening.

Miller, 33, was an integral playoff cog on Miami’s championship runs in the past two seasons. Despite that occasional postseason success, various injuries have limited the former Rookie of the Year to just an average of 46 regular season games and 830 minutes per year since signing with the team for five years for the full mid-level exception in summer 2010. Including playoffs, Miller has averaged just 4.9 points on 55.4% efficiency field goal shooting in 16.8 minutes per contest with Miami.

Cleveland is considering the move after making several other notable free agent signings already this offseason. Wojnarowski pointed out how Miller is close friends with Heat superstar LeBron James, with rampant rumors continuing to circulate about the Cavs’ courting of the four-time MVP next summer.

Wojnarowski later added that the Cavs are among several teams possibly considering the move, which might be contingent on Miller’s injury status. He is reportedly considering back fusion surgery, with many teams potentially more interested in waiting out Miller’s waiver deadline of 5 p.m. Thursday to do more research and sign him as a free agent.

Moments after the Cavs interest in Miller hit Twitter, it was reported that Thursday’s previously scheduled press conference introducing Andrew Bynum has been delayed. Per Mary Schmitt Boyer of The Plain Dealer, a source said there are no current problems but that arrangements could not be made in time. It’s possible that this delay is in reference to potential additional Cavs’ free agent feelers, as their available cap space is quickly dwindling. Thus, additional paperwork maneuvering might be necessary.

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  • Natedawg86

    Hmm making the cavs better and heat worse in one pen stroke ?

  • Harv 21

    By “back fusion surgery” I think you mean disc fusion. People don’t usually opt for that unless they’re in a heap o’pain and have a degenerative condition. Buyer beware.

    So, let’s assume the baseless “rampant rumors” (everyone breathlessly repeating the same theory endlessly without factual basis until it seems it must be true) have legs, and Gilbert wants LeBron again. His “good friend,” scrub sub Mike Miller, is some bait. Really? Grant must be dumber than anyone thought.

  • Ezzie Goldish

    If the Cavs have interest in Miller, it’s because they think he can spread the floor on offense sometimes and hit a few 3s. And, not to be underrated, it removes the ability of other teams to have him to do the same against them. He’d basically be a 10th man. For cheap, why not?

  • simond

    cheap and the heat covering a large portion of his salary

  • co811809

    Gilbert either really wants him back or really wants to do everything to hurt his team and help ours. This makes sense for both peoples theorys so its pointless to infer.

  • MoreGolfLessWork

    I don’t think this could remotely mean anything other than “the Cavs are kicking the tires on a 3 point shooter”. Nothing to read into here (IMO)

  • Harv 21

    right. You’re talking about a 30-something apparently in enough pain just a few months before camp opens that he’s considering significant surgery. But, facts notwithstanding, few writers can resist the temptation to link everything to LeBron. It’s a disease.

  • architrance

    Translation anyone?

  • co811809

    by him i meant Lebron.

  • Harv 21

    “All theories are plausible. Speculation is fruitless. Return to your tents and shaddup.”

  • disqus_29LqpwbGxP

    I happen to like CJ Miles a lot more than Mike Miller.