NBA News: Cavaliers make $24 million offer to Andrew Bynum per Yahoo!

It appears that Andrew Bynum left Cleveland today, but not before the Cavaliers offered the 25 year old center a two year contract offer worth up to $24 million with incentives according to Adrian Wojnarowski.

“The Cavaliers met with Bynum in Cleveland on Monday, but could fast lose patience with waiting on the two-time NBA champion center to make a decision on accepting the offer, which includes a team option in the second year of the deal,” writes Wojnarowski.

The prevailing thought was that the Cavaliers would offer Bynum a one-year deal, with a team option for 2014. It sounds like that is exactly what the deal hinges on.

“Cleveland wants a team option on a second contract year to protect it against losing Bynum to 2014 free agency should his damaged knees heal enough to allow him to make a resurgence this season,” he writes. “The incentives of a possible Bynum contract could include minimal hurdles of completing training camp and reaching minutes and games-played plateaus in the regular season, league sources said.”

Bynum left Cleveland for Atlanta. He also has a meeting scheduled with Dallas later this week. Meanwhile, Cleveland will continue to pursue other free agents including forwards Elton Brand—as reported by the New York Post—and Andrei Kirilenko.

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  • FearTheRoo

    Still think he’s using the Cavs as leverage. But I’m very happy with what we’ve offered. No way he should get 2 years guaranteed.

  • Jonah

    “The prevailing thought was that the Indians would offer Bynum a one year deal, with a team option for 2014.” – That would be sick.

  • simond

    Oh snap! the indians and cavs competing for Bynum???? Gilbert’s pockets run deeper than the Dolans

  • Yes. This is the result of writing about the Cavs while watching the Indians.

  • mgbode

    who weighs more; Bynum or Fielder?

  • mgbode

    I have to find it funny that we offered him a worse contract than Kris Humphries got last year from Brooklyn. I doubt he or his agent finds it as funny though.

  • saggy

    i really can’t understand why all the hate for Humphries. he had a cruddy year, no doubt. but he was a double-double machine before TMZ camped out on his porch. I commend the dude for showing up to work every day and getting his game on. Must have been tough. If i were an NBA GM, I would be buying low on the dude NOW.

  • thenoclist

    Great offer. Take it, Andrew.

  • mgbode

    he’s a big creampuff goofy dude who plays terrible defense and is making $12mil/year. not sure you are buying low if you are paying him $12mil/year. I’ll take a Millsap for $9.5mil/year over him easily.

  • Natedawg86


  • mgbode

    Bartolo Colon

  • Hopwin

    Bob Wickman

  • scott

    to WFNY’s credit, the 1-yr deal to a slumping/injured/risky veteran seemingly with something to prove IS exactly what the Indians would do in this situation

  • scott

    while I think the risk/reward offer for Bynum is exactly the move C Grant needs to make, I’m not sure I understand why citing Brand or Kirilenko as targets to pressure Bynum is necessary?

    Hopefully they (Cavs FO) just attached a date to their offer, and the pundits tied Brand and Kirilenko to the Cavs…I don’t see a great fit for either on this team. Brand is well past his prime and plays a position, PF, the Cavs already have a glut of players. Kirilenko, while still an effective player, fills a role at SF but is not a great shooter who will space the floor. AK is a “do-everything” type of role player, which is great, but we already have that guy (when healthy) in Varejao. Additionally, he opted out of a $10.2M payday – I doubt he’s gonna come at a discount…

  • mgbode

    Baron Davis

  • maxfnmloans

    Mel Turpin

  • Natedawg86

    Robert Traylor

  • mgbode

    spent a few minutes searching and I could not find a picture of Traylor and Turpin together. Just saying.

    and if they aren’t the same person, then I think Tractor wins:


  • The_Real_Shamrock

    AK47 best nickname in the NBA I wouldn’t mind having him. I’m sure it won’t be a mega deal he played with Karasev as well. Kirilenko, when healthy, is a stat sheet stuffer. Brand would just be another nice veteran besides Varejao for the kids to look up to and learn from much like Kirilenko.

  • JK

    Ted Washington.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Shaun Rogers

  • simond

    The Karasev-Kirelenko thing is interesting. Kirelenko played with Shved in Minnesota.