NBA Free Agency: Cavaliers Interested in Chris Copeland

We’ve heard a little about the players that the Cavaliers are pursuing in free agency, including Earl Clark and Darren Collison, Chauncey Billups, Greg Oden, and Nikola Pekovic, but a new name has emerged as a frontcourt option. ESPN New York’s Jared Zwerling reports that the Cavaliers may be prepared to offer New York Knicks center Chris Copeland a multi-year contract.

Copeland was a 28-year-old rookie last season for the Knicks, playing in 56 games (13 starts), posting 8.7 points and 2.1 rebounds in 15.4 minutes per contest. At 6’9″ and 235 pounds, Copeland has a power forward build, but played a lot of center for the small-ball minded Knicks last season. His game is based on the outside, where he connected on a stunning 42.1% of his threes with 59 made in 56 games. Copeland won Rookie of the Month honors last April.

After playing four years in college at Colorado, Copeland played in the D-League in 2007 before moving to Europe to play five seasons in four different countries.

The Cavaliers have a plethora of big man demanding minutes if they sign one in free agency with top pick Anthony Bennett joining Tristan Thompson, Anderson Varejao, and Tyler Zeller on the roster. A trade is certainly possible in such a scenario.

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  • thenoclist

    No thanks. Get Collison.

  • Robbie S


  • derek

    aka britany griner

  • The_Matt_Of_Akron

    Typical Browns, going after the 28-year-old rookie. Wait, it’s the Cavs?!?

  • zonk


  • Another 2nd-3rd tier player? Why not JJ Hickson? He’s better than any player mentioned. His last 3 months here, JAN 13.3/10.9 28.8 MP, FEB 18.4/12.5 36.0 MP, MAR 15.5/9.9 31.0 MP. APR 19.5/12/3 33.1 MP. JJ Hickson was a far better option than Anthony Bennett, IMO. Why would Collison have an interest in coming to Cleveland to play behind Irving? Had Sessions and moved him, what’s the difference?

  • Ben Frambaugh

    Because Mike Brown couldn’t get him to play defense last go around…and if you’re getting a non-defending big…might as well get one that can shoot threes and open things up on offense.

  • Couldn’t get him to play defense? When was this? Mike Brown started JJ Hickson over Anderson varejao, because he was a BETTER option on the floor at BOTH ends. Going back to Varejao once the playoffs started, helped to facilitate their early disappointing exit.

    What the Cavaliers need more so than anything is scoring…. post scoring and a post presence, that actually puts pressure on opposing defenses. Been there, done that with the surrounding the floor with shooters to create space. Create space for who?

    The problem with Hickson when Byron Scott was here, was Scott insisted on running an offense that didn’t fit the strengths of his personnel. He had Hickson playing center, surrounded on the floor with shooters, that didn’t shoot well, but had no problem jackin em up. I don’t recall anyone making a case that Hickson WASN’T a center, and undersized for the position, but every time someone had their way with Varejao, all you heard was at 6’11” 265 lbs how he WAS undersized, and NOT really a center.

    Once Scott figured it out, Hickson ACTUALLY got touches in the post, his numbers, production, and efficiency went up, and the Cavaliers actually looked like a team. You tell me the last time a Cavalier post player put up a 4 month stretch that comes close to what Hickson had in his last 4 months here. Hickson has been better in Portland than any post player here, tell me who’s been better? He also takes on the toughest defensive assignments. As much as everyone wants to kiss the ass of Aldridge, he DOESN’T defend.

    The last thing the Cavaliers need is another 2nd to 3rd tier role player coming in and shooting jump shots. I hardly see how that helps the floor balance. The players brought in did what to open up things where they came from? I don’t see it as an impact move, maybe you do…