Indians Add “Brohio” Section to Progressive Field

Seriously BROSEPH! You got NO IDEA how BADICAL this is gonna be! For you.  For ME.  FOR EVERYONE IN THE WHOLE O-H……….


Dude, if you can’t tell, I’m stoked like a frickin STOKE MACHINE!!

What happened is that while we was rakin’ mad wins all up and down the skizzy-schedule—it’s a skizzy-schedule I RESPECT, AND WANT TO PLAY FOR—what happened is that my homeboyz Marky S and the Funky Bunch (GET IT??) up and decided that we was gonna out-and-out RENAME a section of the ballpark, Bro-diddley!! 

From Fridays henceforth to every Bro, Brian and Bilbo Baggins, we gonna flat-out REFER to section 117 as THE MUTHA-TRUCKING BRO-HIO!!!!

  • Robbie S


  • MTD

    My eyes are bleeding

  • mark


  • Hopwin

    I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

  • Michael Weaver

    I won’t lie. I want one of these shirts -not a bro

  • I’m with you. How ridiculous would it be to get some 10K people eventually wearing these to the stadium? I say let’s just embrace it and run with it.

  • Michael Weaver

    Has anyone ever found these for sale? My searches on Google have come up empty.

  • KNutty

    Eleven warriors.com go to their store

  • Michael Weaver
  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I would as well but not for $22 and $27.50 apiece. That’s insane!

  • UncleAndy

    this is embarrassing…