Children’s Palace, Analytics of the NBA and MLB, Jimmy Haslam, Kyrie Irving and Mad Men – WFNY Podcast – 2013-07-03

WFNY Podcast LogoIt has been way too long since I caught up with Jon. So, naturally we talked about everything from TV and sports and stats to the Browns and whether or not Jon can ever be an NBA fan. Hint. Probably not.

  • Old stores like Children’s Palace, Kiddie City, Best, Fretter, Bernie Shulman’s
  • K-Mart, Wal-Mart and Target
  • Would a drunk podcast worthy of listening to?
  • Talking about everything but football when talking about the Browns
  • Talking about optimizing strategies and contract language
  • Barkevious Mingo and how it would be refreshing to just talk about him
  • When your team doesn’t make the playoffs you really get short-changed as a fan
  • Enjoying the aesthetics of the sport vs. water cooler fandom
  • Watching the end of a basketball game without watching the early part of the game
  • Which sports are you willing to watch no matter who is playing?
  • Watching sports as a stakeholder is a totally different thing
  • Keeping timelines free and clear
  • Kyrie Irving and if he’s actually one of the superstar types
  • How good is Kyrie Irving and how good will he be by the end of his career?
  • Scott Raab’s question about if the Cavaliers have a plan or not
  • Would Dan Gilbert follow through with his feeling that he would trade a guy that wouldn’t commit?
  • The Indians and having actual athletes and baseball players on the field
  • Kipnis = Pedroia = Eckstein
  • Guys who put up numbers who are not entertaining to watch
  • Guys who don’t put up numbers who ARE entertaining to watch
  • Moneyball and analytics
  • The analytics of movements in basketball and soccer
  • Do we ruin sports with the way we analyze them?
  • Sports stats and analytics are like Bobby having a train set in the Sopranos
  • Mad Men finale and Don Draper. Is he redeemed?
  • Taking people down with the ship is the antithesis of redemption
  • If you find yourself as an artist then you need to let the art speak for itself
  • If The Sopranos are Nirvana then Ray Donovan is Limp Bizkit
  • What will life be after Mad Men and Breaking Bad

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