Ben Watson tells 92.3 The Fan that Josh Gordon can turn it around

Ben Watson was a guest on the Bull and the Fox show on 92.3 The Fan Tuesday afternoon to discuss his new team the Saints and also talk about his time in Cleveland. Watson was asked about WR Josh Gordon’s suspension and if he thinks Gordon can stay out of trouble and have a good career in Cleveland.

“I’m confident that anyone can do it if they want to. And for Josh, you know it’s got to be a want to from him. Nobody can do it for him. Nobody can threaten him or any of that stuff. When he wants to, and I’m assuming that he already has, and when he wants to clean it up, and he wants to be serious about football the sky’s the limit for him too.”

“This is a guy when he first got to Cleveland we had to get on him everyday to sprint five yards after he caught the ball. He just didn’t know. And then you fast forward to the end of the year and he’s coming around and he’s becoming that receiver, he’s becoming that pro that we all know he can be. I believe that he can definitely turn it around and he can have a successful career.”

Gordon is suspended for the first two games of the season for violating the league’s substance abuse policy. He failed three drug tests in college. Gordon claims that the recent failed test that got him suspended is from a cold medicine that he took containing codeine.

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