A brilliant oral history of the 1989 Cleveland Indians via The Score


Oral histories have started to run their course a bit when it comes to reliving past events through the thoughts of others. This one by Scott Lewis, however, is simply beyond words. Just read it. You won’t be sorry.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    As good as it gets? Jobu 4 life!

  • Harry

    only thing is the picture you have is of the ’90 indians, not the 89 indians. notice it has that a-hole Parkman in the pic as well as Rube Baker, a catcher famous for over throwing his throws down to 2nd. And who could forget Tanaka?

  • Harry

    oh and i forgot to mention, it’s willie after his facelift, when he was in his big movie star phase..

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Sequels are never as good as the originals!

  • saggy

    ahhhh, and i am going to watch it on amazon right now. why the hell not?

    anyone else around here embarrassed that your greatest sports memory is form a movie? I remember watching this at Severance Mall theaters and the whole place was gong nuts, jumping up and down in the aisles, high-fiving.


    (by the way – thanks for the link. awesome story)

  • mgbode

    it wouldn’t be so bad except that they have continued to make sequels but they have never given the Indians even a fictional WS title (not even Hollywood can give us a championship).

  • saggy

    truth be told: I have never watched the other Major League films. Thank the lord.

    and, i am really watching it right now. Hayes just did the snake on his locker thing to avoid the red tag. great flick.

  • saggy

    speaking of which….whatever did happen to that Gentry guy?

  • theherd10

    Showed my kids the movie for the first time last night, then came on here after the movie was over and found this. Absolutely stellar.

  • theherd10

    When one of the actual Cleveland teams does finally win it all, the 216 is going to shut down for a week. The celebration is going to be EPIC. I plan on being there.

  • Luke

    Heh. Read through the comments at the end of the article. While Cleveland Indians fans immediately “get it”, there were quite a few people who were fooled through most of the “oral history”. Hmmm, should this have been posted on April 1st instead?