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“Other than his experience (and my personal preferential factor), there is no reason to believe that Brandon Jackson is a lock to be the Browns’ third-down back in 2013. He was just re-signed a couple of weeks ago, but he will be part of a three-way competition that also includes Chris Ogbonnaya and Dion Lewis.

I thought it was interesting that the Browns waited so long to re-sign Jackson, who definitely got a raw deal in terms of playing time in his two years under the Pat Shurmur era. Jackson finally saw action in his final game last season, and he responded by smoking the Steelers for 6.8 yards per carry.” [Pokorny/Dawgs by Nature]


““When a talk show host talks down to you, don’t take it. Because often times you are right and we are wrong.” Exactly right Mike Felger.

I might have missed it, but I’ve never heard a Cleveland radio guy say something this true.* In fact, pretty much the opposite. From the listening I’ve done, the WEEI model seems firmly in place in NEO: talk about local pro teams only; go for the easiest story; assume you-the-host know more than the listener.

Hey it works for me: it leaves all number of untouched discussion topics available for review here. Fresh sports takes are what we want. I’m happy to talk Alec Ogletree and Ryan Miller and Moodys ratings. What does Chip Kelly’s up-tempo mean for Browns’ sub-package defense? I’ll plow that field.” [Kanick]


“If it was possible for the Indians could be represented by one album, I would submit that it would be Things Fall Apart by The Roots. For the past few seasons, the Indians have gotten off to a good start only to have things come crashing down around them. Since we last left off, Asdrubal Cabrera and Zach McAllister have hit the disabled list, and Nick Swisher has been hobbled as well. Mark Reynolds has cooled off significantly, and to a lesser degree Michael Bourn has as well. And Yan Gomes’ array of awesome potential nicknames can’t hide the fact that he has also slowed down, and given his 2.9% walk rate it may not be very long before his 123 wRC+ dips down back into double digits.

Much to Carson Cistulli’s delight, the Corey Kluber train keeps right on rolling, as has Carlos Santana. And Jason Kipnis has picked it up of late as well. But the team’s recent eight-game losing streak — including three at the hands of the Tigers — did some damage to Cleveland’s full-season projection. They will probably need more than Kluber’s brand of voodoo to get all of their pistons pumping full speed ahead once more.” [Swydan/FanGraphs]


Schwab of Stump the Schwab let go by ESPN– “Last week, the noodge was deemed expendable, another casualty of the ongoing corporate violence being committed at ESPN in the name of efficiency. On Monday, Schwab had attended a National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association banquet in Salisbury, N.C., where his friend Dick Vitale was being inducted into the organization’s hall of fame. Schwab was sharing a table with the ESPN brass that was there, George Bodenheimer and Steve Anderson, one or both of whom had to have known the ax was swinging above Schwab’s neck. “What a birthday gift for Dickie V,” Schwab tweeted. “He turns 74 and goes into the Sportscasters Hall of Fame. He belongs in the human being Hall of Fame!” On Tuesday, he got an email saying he had a meeting the next day. On Wednesday, he was laid off.” [Craggs/Deadspin]


Finally, Dude Perfect has a new trick shot video. This time with stunt drivers. [The Post Game]

  • mgbode

    I would love to see how B-Jax got a raw deal from Shurmur for playing time in 2011 (he was on IR the whole year). Completely flawed to continually mention he was under-utilized the past 2 years while never mentioning the injury.

    Last season, he just got stuck behind Hardesty and Monterio did well in his spot-duty. Perhaps B-Jax should have been given a shot (maybe they should have let TRich get his ribs healthy and handed the carries to those other 2 guys). We’ll see what happens this year.

  • Harv 21

    When I see a pre-training camp story wondering who has nailed down the third-string RB spot on a perennial 5 win team, only one word comes to mind.


  • mgbode

    i’m eagerly anticipating the article about the 7th OL battle.

    (dangit, that’s not a joke either: Thomas, Greco, Mack, Pinkston, Schwartz, Lauvao are locks. Who is going to nail down the next slot? Will we keep 8 OL on the 53man?)

  • no. illness is the editor who reads you comment which confirms his belief that we really want more qb-controversy ‘news’ and assigns a writer to create one.

    it’s june at a browns-only site harv, cut em some slack.

    [and not for nothing but the brandon jackson saga is a singularly odd one.]

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    You are assuming he was on the IR the whole year due to an actual injury.

  • mgbode

    I hear Hoyer is going to take as many 1st team snaps as Weeden between now and July 20th.