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WFNY Stats & Info: Cleveland walking into history

While the Indians winning 10 of 14 games dominates the headlines, the team has actually done something even more extraordinary of late.

Courtesy of @MattLaWell on Twitter, we have this fantastic stat: Your Cleveland Indians have now collected at least 4 walks in 10 consecutive games. This is tied for the longest streak in Major League Baseball since 2008 and tied for the second-longest in the team’s long franchise history.

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The longest streak of 4+ walks in baseball history is 17 games by the 1963 Chicago White Sox. Since 1995, the longest is 15 games by the Barry Bonds-led1 2004 San Francisco Giants.

Over the course of these 10 Tribe games since June 16th, the team has 52 walks in 370 plate appearances. That equals out to a very impressive team walk rate of 14.1%. The average walk rate in baseball dating back to 2008 is significantly lower at 8.3%.

From 2008-2012, no team had a walk rate greater than 10.7% in a single season. The Indians’ walk rate was actually only a very mediocre 8.5% in their first 67 games this season before their rare streak began.

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Here is the walk leaderboard when it comes to aiding in Cleveland’s impressive streak over the last 10 games. The top three Indians players all rank in the top 11 in baseball in walks since June 16th.

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Jason Kipnis — 10 walks, 44 plate appearances — 22.7% walk rate
Carlos Santana — 8 walks, 39 plate appearances — 20.5% walk rate
Mark Reynolds — 7 walks, 35 plate appearances — 20.0% walk rate
Michael Bourn — 5 walks, 46 plate appearances — 10.9% walk rate
Jason Giambi — 5 walks, 16 plate appearances — 31.3% walk rate
Ryan Raburn — 4 walks, 15 plate appearances — 26.7% walk rate
Mike Aviles — 3 walks, 40 plate appearances — 7.5% walk rate
Drew Stubbs — 3 walks, 32 plate appearances — 9.4% walk rate
Yan Gomes — 2 walks, 14 plate appearances — 14.3% walk rate
Nick Swisher — 2 walks, 18 plate appearances — 11.1% walk rate
Michael Brantley — 1 walk, 37 plate appearances — 2.7% walk rate
Lonnie Chisenhall — 1 walk, 22 plate appearances — 4.5% walk rate
John McDonald — 1 walk, 8 plate appearances — 12.5% walk rate

  1. Bonds had a major-league record 232 walks this season in 617 plate appearances. Nobody else but Bonds has ever had more than 170 walks in a single season. He did that three times. His walk rate from 2001-04 was an unfathomable 30.9%. []

  • LongLiveCleveland

    i’d say the 10 wins are more impressive..

  • JacobWFNY

    But 10 wins in 14 games happens all the time. *yawn*

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    So wait you mean you can hit homeruns and walk? Tell that to last years Indians!

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Reynolds 20% walk rate, who knew? Born needs to start stepping it up.

  • mgbode

    you don’t remember the Mark Reynold’s dice game:

    1,3,5 – SO/out
    6 – HR
    4 – BB
    2 – Roller’s Choice (basehit when he’s hot, out-with-contact when he’s not)

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    You played “Dungeons and Dragons” didn’t you?

  • JacobWFNY

    Reynolds in 43 games since May 10th: .192/.289/.260 with 1 double, 3 homers, 15 RBI, 19 walks, 58 strikeouts in 166 plate appearances.

    OH MY GOODNESS. That slugging percentage. Awful. He has 4 XBH in 166 PAs!!

    But the walks are decent. Any time a player has a .097 diff between OBP and AVG, they’re at least being patient.

  • The_Real_Shamrock


  • JacobWFNY

    For the record: That’s a 2.4% XBH/PA ratio. That’s awful. Especially for a 43-game stretch for a power hitter.

    For context: Here’s the bottom leaderboard of the worst XBH/PA ratios in baseball since 2011 for the 348 players with at least 500 PAs.

    So yes, #smallsamplesize, but Reynolds’ last 43 games are worse slugging-wise than anyone in baseball. He’s displayed worse slugging numbers than Ben Revere, Juan Pierre and even Chris Getz (*gasp*).

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    You are a sadistic statistical savant today, what happened, who made you mad? Was it mgbode ‘cuz if it was I’ll cut ’em?

  • mgbode

    not even once

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    So dungeon master means something else? Wait, I don’t wanna know!!!!

  • Harv 21

    Giambi especially impressive. To me it says a few things:

    – he still has enough bat speed to foul off pitches
    – he still has enough bat speed to keep pitchers from just daring him with fastballs over the plate

    – he has enough confidence in his bat speed to not cheat by starting his swing early. An experienced anxiety-free plate presence: it’s a beautiful thing.

  • Petefranklin

    Thats a nice stat. I love the tribe, and my wife(born and raised in Vegas) does too.I would rather have a streak of Kenny Lofton walks before Joey Belle homeruns though.Thome would clean up the walks of Belle because no pitcher would pitch to him.

  • Petefranklin

    8 losses in a row ain’t too shabby either.