Video: EA Sports’ NBA LIVE 14 Trailer featuring Kyrie Irving, Cavs

The Cleveland Cavaliers may have won just 24 games in 2012-13, but that hasn’t stopped EA Sports from using them, heavily anchored by point guard Kyrie Irving, as their trailer for the impending release of NBA Live 14.

During the EA Games presentation at E3 on Monday, Irving came out on to the stage to help unveil the return of the NBA Live series. The “Live” franchise had been on a multi-year hiatus, with the basketball video game world largely dominated by 2K Sports. The release of Live 14 comes with several new user-based additions including “Bouncetek,” a ball-handing based function that “unlocks the full potential of the dribble. “Whether it’s Ricky Rubio’s wrap around or Kyrie Irving’s devastating hesitation dribble, NBA Live 14 puts the control back in your hands,” says EA Sports.

“Live” will go head-to-head with 2K Sports’ NBA 2K14 which has Miami Heat small forward on the cover. It will be a “next generation” game, released for Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One.

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  • KBsNUgs

    Live has sucked for so long and EA doesn’t have a lot of the gamer community respect after some things they’ve done in recent years. Mainly to IP’s developed and produced by other studios before EA purchased them and gutted everything.
    The last few years Live has been made but the demo has been so bad from a glitch and gameplay perspective I’d be surprised if this accutally made it to the market.