Third Pilot employee pleads guilty to fraud charges

For the third time, a Pilot Flying J executive has plead guilty to fraud charges in the wake of the investigation into Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam III’s truck stop company. Kevin Clark admitted to authorizing checks which shorted customers on rebates they had earned.

Per the report, Clark worked as regional sales manager for Knoxville-based Pilot from 2008 to 2011.

“According to federal documents filed in April,” reports the Knox News, “Clark worked remotely and lived in Lee’s Summit, Mo., a suburb of Kansas City. He admitted today that he approved checks shorting customers on fuel rebates. Clark agreed to cooperate against others in the case and is to be sentenced at a future date.”

Clark joins two other regional managers in admitting conspiracy to commit fraud and “cooperating” in the case. It doesn’t take a law degree to assume that the target of the cooperation would be the executives at Pilot HQ. How far up the ladder it will reach is still anyone’s guess.

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  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Snitches get stitches!

  • famous quotes of the govt’s new cooperating witnesses:

    “He thinks you’re fuckin’ em. So you might as well be fuckin ’em.” –Ralenkotter

    “You’re gettin’ like cost-minus-1 but we were really givin’ him like cost-plus-3.” And the fucker never checked in the optimizer! To me, I felt like sayin’ Well you’re the moron that didn’t check it!” –Clark

    given that the cleveland fan is out to stamp out fraud and protect trucking company interests, i wonder how cool everyone is with the new cooperating witnesses cutting deals. i thought everyone wanted justice and so forth but yet these two guys were examples A and B on how bad PFJ is/was.

    where’s the outrage?

  • OnlyInCleveland

    or Plea-deals and fresh air ..

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Garry_Owen would throw a flag for personal foul unnecessary language!

  • Harv 21

    Not sure what you mean, Jim. This is prosecutorial big game hunting 101, peeling off the outer layers, moving steadily up the organizational chart and squeezing cajones to extract the testimony against the next highest level, high as they can go until the testimony against superiors ain’t there or the terms of the plea deal offers are so onerous they aren’t accepted.

    So are you suggesting they should seek max against all employees, and risk having the top people who may have set the fraudulent company policy walk? They’re hunting for the head of the beast. It can backfire it Haslam has plausible deniability, but this a very effective way to get underlings to talk and is standard stuff, hardly outrageous if Haslam did it.

  • or it’s prosecutorial witch hunting 101. i mean, right? we still don’t know what axe to grind CH-2 (aka vince greco) had against PFJ. we still don’t know the dollars involved. we don’t know how this got to the top of the IRS/DOJ to-do list.

    however what we _have_ seen are cleveland fans feigning outrage on the PFJ crimes and the corrupt ‘culture’ there. welp.. here’s the criminals. shouldn’t we be throwing the book at them?

    in short harv: i’m trying to understand the head of the fan who crows about haslam needing to step down. if that fan is truly concerned about fraud, they should be upset by these plea deals with these seeming worst offenders. but they’re not.

  • Is there really much cry for Haslam to step down as owner of the Browns?

  • my twitter feed has had quite a few predictions that he will step down or the nfl will force him out and ridicule toward ‘cost-plussin.’ definite rushes to judgements; that’s what i’ve seen. zero empathy either.

    put it this way: has anyone (other than me) written anything that amounts to an ‘exploring the other side of the story’ piece?

    because we know how this turns out right? jimmy h. was not in the ‘teaching people how to de-fraud customers’ breakout session and thus will not face any charges.

  • Harv 21

    I have no desire to have him step down, happy to let the system do its thing. I certainly won’t assume it’s a witch hunt just because he owns the Browns. The feds know Haslam has more juice than most to fight back, and because of that I tend to assume they really made sure their ducks were lined up before the indictments came down. But we’ll see if it sticks.

    Bottom line: You and I don’t know who the “worst offenders” are yet. No one should make early assumptions.

  • No outrage here. I’m firmly in the “wait and see” camp. Jumping to conclusions and extrapolating narrative is hack city.

  • I don’t know how anyone in Cleveland could be remotely confident about anything in this situation. On either side. We’re talking about a whole lot of unknowns.