Scott Raab part 2 on 2013 NBA Draft, Michael Irvin, Joe Thomas, Mike Polk, Danny Green – WFNY Podcast – 2013-06-17

WFNY Podcast LogoHere’s the second part of my monday morning podcast with Scott Raab where we talk about some more sports. Please let me know if you appreciate me breaking it into episodes or if you liked just having one longer one.

  • Michael Irvin hates Joe Thomas’ rank on the top 100
  • The difference in opinion between ESPN and their misery montage
  • The ESPN 30 for 30 on the negative Cleveland sports history
  • Mike Polk and his hastily made Cleveland tourism video
  • Michael Irvin anecdote from when Scott profiled Troy Aikman for GQ
  • Danny Green and the fact that the Cavaliers didn’t keep him
  • Scott’s article about Danny Green and how it’s not a Cleveland story
  • Danny Green and Coby Karl
  • Using all this evidence to be wary of the Cavaliers and Mike Brown going forward
  • Cavaliers draft rumors via Sam Amico and Jason Lloyd
  • How will Dion Waiters feel if the Cavs draft Ben McLemore?
  • Spoelstra starting Mike Miller
  • Scott Raab on Esquire.com on the NBA playoffs

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