Scott Raab on Jason Whitlock, Redskins, Wahoo, Stephen Strasburg and Father’s Day – Part 1 – WFNY Podcast – 2013-06-17

WFNY Podcast LogoThis week I broke my conversation with Scott Raab into two parts. This first one is about 35 minutes. We discussed the following.

  • Jason Whitlock and how half the people hate him

  • Does Whitlock troll?

  • The reaction to Jason Whitlock has been pegged

  • How old were you when you got your sense of entitlement?

  • Finding racists on twitter and putting a microscope on them

  • The racist Boston Bruins fans on twitter

  • Roger Goodell and his letter to Congress over the name Redskins

  • Redskins is like the n-word?

  • There’s no way to defend Chief Wahoo and the old caricature

  • Mumia Abu Jamal and the death penalty

  • You have to leave people room to come to your side in a debate

  • Jason Whitlock pisses me off sometimes, and that’s OK

  • Terry Pluto and the mantle of Hal Lebovitz

  • Stephen Strasburg and his change of speeds

  • Corey Kluber vs. Jeremy Sowers and David Huff

  • Father’s day and how worthless a father is in the early part of a kid’s life