Michael Irvin: Browns’ Joe Thomas is a “fat guy” who doesn’t impact game (Video)

In an arbitrary segment rife with arbitrary individuals, former Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin referred to Cleveland Browns offensive tackle Joe Thomas as a “fat guy” who doesn’t impact a game in the way others on a list (provided by NFL Network) do. Turn up your volume a bit and take a listen for yourself.

The whole segment seems to be of the “embrace debate” culture where analysts say things that they may or may not actually believe, but do so in an elevated volume as to exude passion and conviction. In Thomas’ six years in the league, the 28-year old has amassed six Pro Bowl appearances to go with being a three-time First Team All-Pro and a two-time Second Team All-Pro.

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  • Jaker

    Irvin will say anything if people are listening. I bet he doesn’t even know half the crap he says. Plus, it’s easy to attack anyone from Cleveland given the lack f success. So that just makes Irvin look lazy. I’m not sure why I expected anything else from him.

  • Herman

    Too much cocaine has altered his mental capacity clearly. 6 years, 6 pro bowls and 5 All-Pro Selection. I think consummate professional and dominance when I think Joe Thomas!


    Coke is the only thing Irvin knows anything about. Typical Cowboy.

  • TobaccoRoad

    Irvin is obviously making a lot of rash statements, but all you guys that point out Thomas’ Pro Bowls are making Irvin’s point for him. As great as Thomas is/has been, the Browns have still been mediocre for virtually his entire NFL career. Is that Thomas’ fault? Of course not. But when Irvin says Thomas doesn’t change the game, I think that is what he’s referring to. As a Browns fan, I think Thomas has been nothing short of phenomenal, and is in the midst of a HOF career. But he’s not single-handedly putting Ws up on the board for the Browns, his position doesn’t allow him to do that. Irvin could’ve found more articulate ways of saying that, but I believe that’s what he’s trying to say.

  • Horse Renoir

    It’s unfortunate that people with such limited intelligence, like Irvin, are given the platform to make these stupid comments, just by virtue of the fact that they played the game themselves. Once they stop getting the attention they crave, on the field, these players often say anything to get the attention back, off the field. Sad really, but there it is. If I were to describe Irvin to anyone, I would probably have every politically correct organization on my case immediately. I will just call him a moron for now, and have done with it. Thomas is the best in the league at his position and is widely respected for it. We are very fortunate to have him in Cleveland.

  • woofersus

    Clearly his bias is toward skill positions and against offensive linemen in terms of overall impact on the game, (although I suspect his career stats may have taken a hit were it not for the likes of Mark Tuinei and Larry Allen) but to call Joe Thomas a fat guy who stands still suggests he hasn’t watched any tape on the Browns or ever met the man. I suppose it’s fine to argue an offensive lineman shouldn’t be ranked that high if that’s what he thinks, but at least make an intelligent argument.

  • Bourn, Michael Bourn

    While Irvin’s comments are certainly foolish, I do believe that Joe may be a tad overrated in terms of value.

    He is the best LT in the game IMO, but just how valuable is a franchise LT? Any of those other players are playmakers, guys who go out and “Make” the play. If Julio Jones has a great play, it’s a touchdown. If Joe Thomas makes a great play, then he gives our quarterback the opportunity to make a play.

    Don’t get me wrong, as a Browns fan, I know what it’s like to have a bad offensive line. However, there are more than 28 players who I would rather have than Joe Thomas, including any of the top 10 QBs.

  • Herman

    Always remember, even the best QBs and skill player cant make those plays from their back. Just ask Tom Brady and the 18-1 Patriots, one of the most explosive offenses of all time. And without any protection, thats where they stay, on their back.

  • Harv 21

    Wow. The intentionally idiotic clown-shouting shtick Irvin does to keep his network paycheck coming is worthy of a discussion here about the merits of a premier left tackle. Wanna shut Irvin up? Just turn it off – the network cares only about the ad revenue spawned by ratings. Shame on anyone enabling this lowest common denominator race-to-the-bottom crap by giving it the legitimacy of substantive discussion.

    And shame on WFNY, even on a slow Sunday, for giving this shtick any pub at all. You’re better than this.

  • simond

    umm who is michael irvin? and why is he relavent?

  • Ben Frambaugh

    As bad as the Browns have been…how much worse would we be without Joe Thomas?

  • i agree with your main point about the importanance of o-lines.

    however, wrt brady: i think that with his pre-snap savvy + fast read/release he makes that o-line, not vice versa.

  • alexb

    There are some big name defensive players (James Harrison, Terell Suggs) that would probably tell Irvin the STFU about that “fat left tackle” in Cleveland cause he’s given them all they can handle. I kind of liked Irvin up till now. Shtting on a trench player though don’t sit well with me even if Iplayed on the other side. You may certainly argue the value of LT’s these days but to clown on JT? For what? A soundbite? Disgraceful. I sincerely hope some of the O and D lineman out there that are commentators on various networks “blast” Micheal Irvin out of the water. I mean to the point of revoking his figurative veterans card that these guys all have and respect each other for.

  • TobaccoRoad

    As much as I love Thomas, not that much. I honestly believe that.

  • L35H0S83GB

    doesn’t diminish from the fact the browns absolutely are abhorrent though. why do you guys A. read articles associated with the browns or even B. associate with anything “browns” ? i mean its a miserable retarded thing to watch the miserable worthless clowns.

  • L35H0S83GB

    bullshit. hes a dime a dozen.

  • Jaker

    Don’t say “retarded”… You sound like Michael Irvin

  • Bourn, Michael Bourn

    I agree that the offensive line is super important, but that’s a terrible example. Those pats were one lucky helmet catch away from being considered the greatest team in football history. It kind of proves my point that great skill position players will find a way to make an impact.

    Aaron Rodgers had probably the worst offensive line in the NFL last year and still managed to make it to the playoffs.

    These are some guys who should have ranked higher than Thomas:

    Eli, Terrell Suggs, Jason Pierre Paul, Roethlisberger, Revis, Kaepernick


    Don’t know how they can justify Eli at 43.

  • Mattunderwood

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug – Rick James

  • Herman

    I’m not saying Joe Thomas is a “game-changer” but you can never write off a franchise left tackle, and it seems you all forgot the impact the defensive line for the giants had on the Patriots in that Superbowl win. Did the Giants have a ridiculous catch and some luck? Sure, but the Giants D-Line pestered Brady all day and disrupted that potent Pats offense for 4 quarters. If Brady had an elite O-Line he would have had all day to throw downfield.

  • mes

    L35H = id10t

  • mgbode

    also add in the ever-shifting focus of the Patriots offense to keep those defenses off-balance (from game management, to down the field, to TE-heavy with alot of other smaller changes in between)

  • mgbode

    Correlation and Causation are not the same thing.

    (and yeah, easy to say that the QB is the most important position because it is. but, LT is still an extremely important piece of the offense. Especially with so many pass-rush specialists in today’s NFL)

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Even though I believe Irvin was just trying to stir up a little fake drama, I still think he’s an idiot and don’t care what his opinion on this (or any) matter might be.

  • I saw Joe in person once, minus the pads. If he’s fat Michael Irvin should have jenny craig on speed dial.

  • BenRM

    why do you A. bother reading the comments to an article associated with the browns or even B. read an article associated with anything “browns” ?

  • BenRM

    I think you’re giving Irvin too much credit. In the same segment, he champions the defensive “fat guys” as game changers, but considers the offensive “fat guys” who stop them as worthless.

  • BigTop

    Joe doesn’t look too FAT to me.

  • Tom Wynne

    the words of a recovering crack addict who has apparently done himself long term damage…perhaps he is still hitting the pipe