NFL News: Browns add five to player personnel and scouting areas

The Cleveland Browns have announced, via press release, five additions to their player personnel/scouting department. Frank Edgerly was named senior pro scout, while Brent Blaylock, Brendan Donovan, Matthew Manocherian and Patrick Moore were all added as college scouts. All of the men hired have a solid resume full of high-end collegiate and/or professional football experience, including the New Orleans Saints, New England Patriots, Miami Hurricanes and Florida Gators.

Edgerly joins the Browns after spending the previous four seasons in the New England Patriots’ personnel department. He spent the past three years (2010-12) as an area scout after working the 2009 season as a pro scout. He joined the Patriots after serving as head coach of Red Bank (N.J.) Catholic High School for 10 seasons (1999-2008). 

Donovan spent the previous two seasons at the University of Florida as director of on-campus recruiting – football (2012) and a program coordinator – football (2011). Prior to joining the Gators staff, he spent one season (2010) as the recruiting assistant – football at Rutgers University. Donovan began his collegiate coaching career at the University of Notre Dame, where he spent two seasons as a staff assistant (2007-08) and coordinator of quality control – football (2008-09).

Moore spent five seasons on the coaching staff at Fordham University where he served as assistant head coach/offensive line (2010-11), defensive coordinator (2009) and linebackers and special teams coach (2007-08). He also held collegiate coaching jobs at Louisiana Tech (2005-06), Auburn (2002-04), Western Carolina (2000-01) and his alma mater, Illinois Wesleyan (1997). As a graduate assistant at Auburn in 2004, Moore assisted with the offensive line and special teams and was part of a staff that helped the Tigers to a 13-0 season and a victory in the Sugar Bowl.

Manocherian joins the Browns after spending the previous three seasons (2010-12) as a scouting assistant with the New Orleans Saints. Prior to working for the Saints, he spent two seasons (2008-09) coaching both the wide receivers and defensive backs at Rye Neck (N.Y.) High School.

Blaylock spent the previous two racing seasons with Penske Racing (2012-13), working within their public relations/marketing division. Prior to joining Penske, Blaylock was the assistant director of football operations at the University of Miami for three seasons (2008-10) after working the 2007 season in the Miami Dolphins operations department.

These men will replace the recently departed contingent of director of college scouting John Spytek, senior national scout Pat Roberts and pro scouts A.J. Durso and Tom Headlee, all of whom were let go shorly after the 2013 NFL Draft.

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  • Jaker

    Edge was my Head coach at RBC. We were an extremely efficient offensive football team(He’s an offensive guy first) always performing better than our total skills may indicate(granted, we had very good players, but he always got the very most of every player, constantly finishing every season with two-three losses total). He is a no-nonsense guy and is extremely qualified. He probably puts in more work than anyone I’ve ever met. This is a fantastic hire.

  • Ben Frambaugh

    That’s great to hear..because I’ve never heard of any of these guys! LOL

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Penske Racing! Get me my pitchfork and torch!

  • Lucas Vaas

    besides brady and breese( who the saints didn’t draft), who have the pats and saints drafted well? reggie bush? ANY player for the pats? and some guys with no personnel experience. (coaching is about doing what you can with what you’ve got, personnel is getting it!) is experience with that sort of thing that hard to come by or are we just throwing darts here…

  • Harv 21

    all these guys found and recommended all-americans and pro bowlers who, through no fault of their own, their respective head coaches and GMs refused to obtain. And one of them coached up Jaker, for pete’s sake. That alone is more than enough for me.

  • Jaker

    And I was good. Like really good

  • Ben Frambaugh

    Well..Gronkowski and Hernandez were a pretty darn good pair of TE’s that the Patriots drafted. That’s just off the top of my head here.

    And for all that you may not hear about a lot of “stars” outside of Brady/Brees…it takes a team full of good players to contend year in and year out.

    I’m fairly certain both teams drafted their O-lines which have (at times) been some of the better O-lines in a while.

    A lot of the Saints WR’s were drafted too. Marques Colston was a late round gem IIRC.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    The next great Patriots TE: Tim Tebow. Book it Dano!