NBA Trade Rumors: Cavs looking to acquire Paul Pierce from Boston?

The Cleveland Cavaliers are reportedly exploring a trade with the Boston Celtics that would net them future Hall of Fame small forward Paul Pierce.

Sam Amico of FOX Sports Ohio reports, while unable to confirm, that the Cavaliers would send the Celtics the 31st and 33rd selections in the 2013 NBA Draft in return for Pierce. The Milwaukee Bucks have also expressed interest in Pierce, per the report.

These rumors are on the heels of reports that the Cavs have also engaged with the Dallas Mavericks to move up to the 13th-overall spot, presumably using the No. 19 pick in addition to other assets which may or may not include the pair of second-round selections. Cleveland has expressed considerable desire to upgrade their small forward position and appears willing do so either via the draft or through trades with free agency being the worst-case scenario.

It is presumed that the Celtics would receive a sizable trade exception if they did indeed move Pierce who is due $15 million ($5 million guaranteed) in 2013-14. Boston is potentially looking at a rebuilding period, having entertained the possible trade of forward Kevin Garnett to the Los Angeles Clippers for younger, less-costly options. Pierce, if moved to Cleveland, would seemingly represent a one-year rental of a player who averaged 18.6 points and 6.5 rebounds per game (19.14 PER) in 2012-13. He will be 36 years old next season.

Amico also reports that the Cavaliers have discussed a trade that would qualify as “something big,” including the team’s first-overall selection, but talks have recently cooled down.

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  • JNeids

    I just don’t see the benefit in this move. I would pass this faster than Brandon Weeden under pressure

  • MadreHillSuperstar

    Did he hear this from a Western Conference GM?

  • simond

    with a team full of youngsters looking to get out of the cellar, other than Varejão and Walton last year – there were no Veterans – i’m not at all apposed to a 1 year rental for a Vet Leader that will teach the young guys

  • LaundroMat

    “i’m not at all apposed to a 1 year rental for a Vet Leader that will teach the young guys”

    I don’t think many are. Being opposed to it, however…

  • architrance

    Yeah, I don’t know that this deal makes much long term sense (that’s assuming you could get anything better for two second round picks). The only motive I can think of is trying to stave off a “culture of losing” in the locker room, but it’s not like this team is one piece away from competing. If they could find a way to significantly move up in the draft for the second pick, I’d much rather go that route.

    And if Dallas is so eager to shed salary and dump the cap hold from their first rounder – isn’t sending them 1 or 2 of our second rounders for the pick and taking back Marion more than fair? I’d rather see the Cavs acquiring 13 and 19 and then seeing if they could move up even further.

  • GDub

    This would be great for the franchise. Upgrade SF for this season and push for the playoffs while only tying money up for this season. This leaves cap space open for next summer so we can make a run at LeBron. Gives our young guys some playoff experience while not compromising long term goals. I don’t see any downside.

  • mgbode

    downside: those same picks may be able to be used to get pick #13 pick. if we can do that w/o #19 included, then it’s possible to jump into the top10. that top10 pick will be on our team for longer than 1 year.

  • JHop

    I do admit, if the choices are trading for Pierce or trading up from #19 for Shabazz or Karasev, you gotta take the latter option. Both for the team’s short term and long term prospects

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Maybe they can do #19 and something else perhaps next year for that #13 plus get Pierce. This would be a win-win all around. Or maybe perhaps the talk of the #1 overall pick being moved is somehow involved. I wish this kind of thing was true because it’s exactly what I feel the Cavaliers need to do. Something this big however would trump even my best ideas.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    There are benefits Pierce would become the teams second legitimate scoring threat, he’d be the ultimate veteran leader and he’d fill a position of need. If all of that can be done while still holding onto #1 and #19 as well as financial flexibility next year, why not? Trading two second round selections one of which is almost assuredly not going to be on the roster is no big deal.

  • D2012

    You’re absolutely right. The Cavs have a TON of assets. Some of which we’ll never use. When u can get a player the caliber of Paul Pierce (who’s PER has been exactly the same since his championship year) for two garbage picks that you were never gonna use anyway, you do it, without ANY hesitation. No ifs, ands or buts about it

  • Albert

    You don’t see the benefit of this trade? Trading two 2nd round picks that have a minimal chance of contributing for a guy who averaged 18, 5, and 5 for a playoff team and also happens to fill our biggest need? Not to mention he’ll be in a contract year and is an enormously prideful player? Not to mention its only a one year rental, keeping the SF spot warm for a potential prodigal son returning? This isn’t a home run, its a grand slam.

  • JNeids

    I probably shoulda have explained my reasons when I made that post, but I was just being lazy. In a vacuum, gettin Paul Pierce for 31 & 33 is a grand slam indeed. But I think there are other ways we can use those picks and get a better return. I also don’t think PP is looking to play the role of mentoring vet on a rebuilding team for one year in the twilight of his career. I could be wrong and admit my bias against him, but I think his ego is too big to accept that role.

  • saggy

    at least bode has the balls to put his name on his uptick.

  • NeedsFoodBadly

    Cavs front office been reading Kanicki’s blog!

  • 🙂
    i’ll own coming up with (and liking) pierce-to-cavs on my own but Bob Finnan was on it before i was.


  • JHop

    I can’t think of a better scenario than having Pierce mentoring Otto Porter or Shabazz for one year and then having his salary off the books

  • mgbode

    it’s intriguing. trying to figure out how to dump Marion though as he’d be apart of the Dallas deal too. maybe just eat his salary and buy him out?

    sham, upticked as this is a good melding of both ideas.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    If they are discussing a deal for Pierce I’m not sure Porter would be a possibility for mentoring. I don’t think the Cavaliers would select Porter #1 Pierce or no Pierce and I’m pretty confident Porter won’t last until #19 let alone #13. So that might leave Muhammad for a possibility at #13 but definitely not #19.

    For some reason I’m thinking Len at #1 a trade for Pierce and a trade for #13 which would also bring in Marion. In this scenario you add a pair of young guys and a pair of veterans with one year contracts left. It allows you to continue the building while also addressing the playoff elephant in the room. Just an idea.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    What about something like I just commented on with JHop? Trade for Pierce, trade for #13 and Marion select Len #1 and possibly either Muhammad, the Russian guy who’s last name I can’t spell or one of the other guys I’ve seen discussed here like Bullock, Franklin or whoever else?

    Seems ambitious on the surface but I think all the pieces fit, no? The icing on the cake is both Pierce and Marion would have expiring deals as well.

  • JHop

    I think we’ve managed to execute a miracle and now understand Chris Grant’s thought process…and it actually makes a lot of sense

  • Stephen

    That’s exactly the role he’ll be playing on the Celtics though.