MLB News: Carlos Carrasco suspension reduced to 7 games

The Indians have announced that Carlos Carrasco has had his suspension reduced to seven games as a result of his appeal with Major League Baseball. Carrasco will be begin serving his suspension today.

Carrasco was suspended back in April after he hit the Yankees’ Kevin Youkillis with a pitch up and in on the shoulder.

This was the second time Carrasco has been suspended, the first for an incident back in 2011 for throwing at the head of Kansas City’s Billy Butler. Before he could serve that suspension, Carrasco was sent to the disabled list and underwent Tommy John surgery.

With the suspension still looming he began the year in the big leagues so he could complete the suspension from the Butler incident and then the plan was to send him down to Columbus. After an injury to Scott Kazmir, Carrasco was forced to start for the Tribe against New York when he was suspended once again.

The Indians then sent him down to Columbus while they studied the schedule, looking for a place for Carrasco to come back up, make a start, drop his appeal and begin serving his suspension.

Carrasco took the loss yesterday against Detroit, giving up six runs on ten hits in four innings. Carrasco’s ERA in his two starts is 15.26

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  • The_Real_Shamrock

    The way he pitched Saturday I was hoping they’d extend his suspension! ;-(

  • FearTheRoo

    Great, so by then our losing streak will be extended to 14? In all seriousness I actually like the approach of this team. Most people see this as a negative streak, but really they have done a lot of positive things. They will be able to get a very high pick in next years draft. This means we get to see that top pick play for the Indians in about 5 years! Not only that as fans we don’t have to bother paying for tickets or watching STO for the rest of this season. Since they’ve already given up. On another positive note the Browns are only a few months away from the start of a 0-16 season. Things are looking up in Cleveland. Have some faith people!

  • mgbode

    can you change your username to FearTheEeyore?

  • Hypno_Toad

    Breaking News: Carlos Carrasco is still a bum.

    I’m bitter.