MLB News: Asdrubal Cabrera “feels 100%”, hopes to return this week

Cleveland shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera told MLB.com’s Jordan Bastian that he feels like he is ready to come back-

Cabrera went on the disabled list back on June 4th with a quad strain. You may remember he went down while trying to beat out a play at first, looking like he was shot by a sniper rifle.

Cabrera was hitting .254, with 5 home runs and 25 RBI, while posting a .745 OPS. In his place, Max Aviles has done an admirable job. First and foremost, Aviles has been terrific on defense. He hasn’t hurt the Tribe at the plate either. In fact, he has had big games against Washington, Kansas City and Texas that helped the Tribe win those series.

With Aviles playing well, Francona is likely hesitant to bring Asdrubal back before he is ready. The team wouldn’t want to risk further injury to a player that they will need down the stretch.

“We’ll do what’s right,” Francona said. “But not activating him is probably not fair. If the guy is ready, he’s ready.” [Bastian]

If Cabrera is able to come back this week, look for Aviles and Kipnis to get a well deserved night off. Both have played every game since Cabrera’s injury. The Indians continue their series against the Baltimore Orioles through Thursday, before heading to Chicago to face the White Sox this weekend, including a double-header on Friday.

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  • Andy Cotrell

    I think his name is Mike Aviles. I do like the name Max.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Max is Mike’s identical twin brother!