Mingo: Browns defense could be the best in NFL

I think if everything is going well, I think this defense could be the best in the league. We have a lot of players that can contribute and help this team win. We’ve got a lot of rushers. We’ve got corners on the back end. We’ve got D-linemen that can hold those blocks and get off and make plays. We’ve got linebackers that can come up and tackle the run and get back in coverage as well. So we have a lot of tools that we can use.

— Cleveland Browns rookie linebacker Barkevious Mingo, Tuesday, in front of a gaggle of local media members following a youth football camp at FirstEnergy Stadium. Though switching to a 3-4 defense under the watch of Ray Horton and adding plenty of ammunition, the Browns defense cracked the top 10 (in terms of yardage per game) in 2011, though the entire AFC North was represented favorably. In 2012, the Browns were 22nd in the league, allowing 363.8 yards per game. A best-in-the-league finish would represent an extreme improvement.

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  • It’s all about managing expectations, rook.

  • mgbode

    gotta love quotes from rookies in June

  • Harv 21

    right. He earned the veterans tying him to the goal posts for a few hours the first week of camp. Rook, you’re ranking defenses for reporters before your first exhibition game?

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Get out of my head!

  • MOARwins

    there is a much better chance we will have the worse defense

  • Jason Hurley

    I want to believe you, Barkevious. I want to believe you…

  • Jaker

    And I ‘could’ be dating Jennifer Lawrence…

    It just wouldn’t be June if we weren’t overhyping the Browns

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Not if Buster Skrine has anything to say about it!

  • TSR3000

    Pass that to the left, homeboy!

  • maxfnmloans

    I don’t think you can pass LSD

  • Bryan

    This is classic MKC. She writes a whole article based solely on wildly speculative and unrealistic quotes from a rookie. She really is useless.

  • JK

    No. You can.

  • Ben Frambaugh

    I’d rather the rookie have a strong belief that we’ll be good than the rookie that comes out saying “we are so going to suck next year.”
    Then again, this is the NFL…where EVERY team should be saying something along these lines. That quote (much like this post) is saying nothing at all. Yet we continue to play these silly games.

  • James Workman

    As a CT based Brownie and Metropolitans fan (yes, its a long year, every year) I have one thing to say…”you gotta believe”

  • Where did MKC enter into the discussion?

  • Harv 21

    She wrote the PD’s version of the story from the gaggle. Also, she has a very annoying speaking voice. And, she wears heels and inappropriate summer wear to training camp.


  • CB Everett

    In terms of pessimism and grammar, this post may be the “worse.”

  • Peter the prick

    he is a rookie, wait until they run into a high powered offense like the 49ers and see what happens. But remember he is rookie with how much experience zip

  • Tom Wynne

    they are drug testing him…aren’t they????