LeCharles Bentley has some words for Browns receiver Josh Gordon

One of the sub-texts of the Miami Heat championship run has been Josh Gordon tweeting and seemingly reveling in the “Hate” on Twitter. It has been a topic of conversation on The Bull and the Fox in the afternoons on 92.3 the Fan. It has been a topic of conversation on Twitter, obviously. Now LeCharles Bentley, a former Browns player and also a lifelong Clevelander is weighing in.

First, Josh Gordon tweeted this.

There were a plethora of responses, but LeCharles Bentley started a bit of a rant.


As Bentley says, it’s not about who you root for. These guys aren’t from Cleveland, so really they should be fans of whoever they want to be. It’s how you carry yourself among the fans that want to love you. It was wrong for LeBron to wear a Yankee hat to Jacob’s Field. It’s wrong for Josh Gordon to pick fights with Cleveland fans on purpose.

Not to say that this is a reason that the Browns should do anything, but let’s just say the lack of good judgement is not going unnoticed at all.

Dustin Fox tweeted this morning that Bentley will be on their show at 2:40 this afternoon. Should be an entertaining listen.

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  • Vindictive_Pat

    Hahaha… I’m not hating on Josh Gordon even if he seemingly is an immature moron at times, but those tweets from Bentley are fantastic.

  • FearTheRoo

    Yes, who cares who these guys root for? Just because they play for a Cleveland team doesn’t mean they can’t root for teams in other cities. Unless he’s actually saying negative things directly towards the Cavs I have no problem. Or openly rooting for another NFL team. Honesty I blame Cleveland fans more than anything. The reaction to these tweets have been more embarrassing than the actual tweet.

  • Harv 21

    Starting to appreciate how twitter mercilessly exposes the stunted maturity of jocks in real time. Guys, you were much better off when you gave your agents, the team’s PR guys and even beat writers a puncher’s chance to edit you. Those smart phones in your oversized hands are kryptonite, baby.

    Coming up next, the standard ghost-written half- apology …

  • jaker

    After last night, I really want to beat the Dolphins by 10,000 points. That fan base doesn’t deserve back-back champs, and beating us week one would literally be the icing on the “Lol Cleveland” cake that Miami is eating. Whatever, its baseball season.

    Roll Damn Tribe

  • jaker

    Yes the fans that tweeted at him last night were wrong to do so, but Gordon handled this poorly. The way Sheard handled it was better. He didn’t diss the fans by saying ‘whatever’ or ‘i dont care’ or giving us a pitty sorry, he congratulated the Heat and took a pic with his friends enjoying the game. Nothing wrong with that

  • Kevin Huyghe

    Bentley pretty much hit the nail on the head when he it’s your right to root for whoever you want… but when you’re SUSPENDED from your own team for acting like a fool you can’t be pounding your chest about champions. Between the suspension and this “picking fights” with Cleveland fans on twitter, it’s just showing that Gordon has not and will never grow up.

  • Jason Hurley

    “swinging from the nimrods of champions.” +1 internet for him.

  • bossman09

    Heat doesn’t really have a fan base – just a bunch of people enjoying a winning team. If the heat didn’t exist in a warm climate where players wanted to be, they would be a scrub team like Sacramento. When Labron leaves and Wade retires, they will be lucky to get 10,000 people a game.

  • JHop

    I particularly appreciate the fact that LeCharles Bentley uses emojis

  • Chucky Brown

    Prior to the suspension, I was taking Gordons heat nuzzling, with a grain of salt
    After, I was hoping hed see the need to do whatever it took to re claim some good graces with the fanbase
    no such luck

  • Vindictive_Pat

    I also enjoyed the #DamnKids hashtag quite a bit.

  • boomhauertjs

    This offseason is pretty good evidence that Josh Gordon is not long for the NFL.

  • stryker1121

    It’s common sense, though. Root for whatever team you want, just keep that BS off twitter. Phil Taylor was going back and forth w/ fans as well about some pro-LBJ comments he made, saying “I love CLE but you’re not gonna tell me who to root for.” That’s missing the point entirely. Stay the hell off Twitter w/ that nonsense. Know your surroundings.

  • stryker1121

    Bentley’s like that old-school, no BS uncle you were always a little afraid of. Gordon is an idiot, bottom line. He deserved the blowback he got from fans and Bentley.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Twitter strikes again! Btw I’m thinking of changing by name to South Pole.

    On the brighter side at least Dan Gilbert didn’t Tweet…right?

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    It was funny to listen to Wade talk about the Heat fans it was less then a resounding appreciation. Of course he said how Miami had the best fans blah blah blah but he never said the best fans in the NBA.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I think it speaks more to the problems the guy had and why so many thought Heckert gave up alot to draft a problem child. All be it a problem child with athletic skills.

    Why is it that most of the drama these days always seems to happen with a guy who plays WR?

  • stryker1121

    It’s a diva position for whatever reason. T.O., Moss, Dez Bryant, OchoCinco, Michael irvin, and so on.

  • jd

    so, a nobody commenting on a nobody commenting is somehow acceptable? way to get hurt on the first play of practice, lechuck.

  • typo

    Actually, coming up next is Braylon Edwards version 2.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    It is unless your a Patriots TE these days!

  • RGB

    Have another tankard of sizzurp, Mr. Gordon.

  • humboldt

    I officially declare Gordon’s tweet to be “obstreperous”

  • FearTheRoo

    I still see nothing wrong with it. Twitter is created just for that purpose. To communicate to others, our interests, thoughts, news, etc. I tweet about Cleveland and Akron sports. I wouldn’t like it very much if someone told me I wasn’t allowed. They never said anything negative about Cleveland, just shared opinions different than most Cavs fans.

  • stryker1121

    But it’s not a matter of free speech. More along the lines of simple awareness. Gordon is a member of the most beloved team in the city, one that hasn’t won in 14 years. He just got suspended for two games. Add that with bigging up the HEat (while seeming to troll the fans, to boot) and you’ve gotta expect backlash. ANY fanbase would react the same.

  • boomhauertjs

    Is it it me or does this Browns franchise have a lot of unlikeable characters? Between Jimmy Haslam and the Flying J scandal, to Gordon’s inability to lay off the weed or be a frontrunning douche to Banner’s soulless personality to Lombardi being Lombardi. Bleh…it’d be a little easier to stomach if they were winners, but I think we all know another 10+ loss season is on the horizon.

  • dan

    Josh Gordon is from Texas. I doubt that he was born and raised a Heat fan. If he was, fine. But if he wasn’t, this is my problem: whatever one’s opinion of fairweather bandwagon fans, the last people who should be endorsing a “just root for the guys who are winning, ignore your hometown team” point of view are Browns players. If this fall there are a lot of Terrible Towels in the stands of I-Don’t-Care-Who-Paid-What-It’s-Still-Cleveland-Browns-Stadium, Gordon and Taylor are the last people who should be complaining because the fan base did what they did and decided to support the winners and abandon the losers.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    “I think we all know another 10+ loss season is on the horizon,” don’t ruin it for me it’s only June!

  • Henry Browns

    Nobody in Miami will even notice a week 1 game in Cleveland.

  • Jose Hose

    Like that old-school, no BS uncle who never worked a day on the job because of a knee injury.

  • Ken Cornette

    I don’t give a damn who won the other night.
    I still LOVE My Browns!!!!!

  • SZ4L

    lol that moron called Josh Gordon a scrub